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Communities Magazine #156 (Fall 2012) – Ecovillages

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  • Publisher’s Note: Ecovillage Living by Laird Schaub
  • NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: AN ECOVILLAGE FUTURE – For the health of our species and the planet, we need ecovillages. by Chris Roth
  • Off the Grid and Out of the Trash Can by Arjuna da Silva
  • ASPIRING TO THE WORKING CLASS – By learning necessary physical skills, these ecovillagers transcend the limitations of their middle-class educations. by Lee Walker Warren
  • MY ADVICE TO OTHERS PLANNING TO START AN ECOVILLAGE – An ecovillage founder offers 10 guidelines for success, including “Start with people.” by Lois Arkin
  • ECOVILLAGE INFRASTRUCTURE: The Skeleton of Community – Water supply, human waste treatment, zoning regulations, legal structure, homeownership models, and other core technical issues are essential in ecovillage planning. by Gwendolyn Hallsmith
  • From Camp to Village by Andrew Heben
  • Good Neighbors: Top 10 Reasons to Live Next to an Ecovillage by Alyson Ewald
  • Getting Ecovillages Noticed by Alex Whitcroft
  • CREATING ECOHOUSING – The Yarrow Ecovillage uses the cohousing model to create ecological buildings that meet their occupants’ needs. by Vivian Vaillant
  • COMING OF AGE: 21 Years of EcoVillage Planning and Living – In Ithaca, New York, a pioneering project continues to break new ground in ecological design, education, and community. by Liz Walker
  • Growing Up in EcoVillage at Ithaca by Allegra Willett
  • Fifty Years On: Living Now in the Findhorn Foundation Community by Lisa Sutherland
  • Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood—Rebuilding Community within the City by Robin Allison
  • DANDELION VILLAGE: Building an Ecovillage in Town – Aspiring communitarians rally support and navigate the legal hoops to establish an ecovillage in Bloomington, Indiana. by Maggie Sullivan
  • Going from Vision to Culture by Daniel Weddle
  • VISION AND REALITY IN ECOTOPIA: Making Lemonade out of Lemons at the Port Townsend EcoVillage – Innovative ecovillagers turn challenges into opportunities. by Helen Kolff
  • LIVING THE QUESTIONS – Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage grapples with obstacles to create a visionary housing project in rural Maine. by Coleen O’Connell
  • Nashira: An Ecovillage from the Grassroots by Giovanni Ciarlo
  • Ecovillage Radio by Russ Purvis
  • Would an Ecovillage by Any Other Name Smell as Sweet? by E. Christopher Mare, M.A.
  • Busting the Myth that Consensus-with-Unanimity Is Good for Communities, Part II by Diana Leafe Christian
  • A Few Basic Process Points for Happy Community Life: Response to “Busting the Myth, Part II” by Tree Bressen
  • “Busting the Myth, Part II”: More Thoughts by Laird Schaub
  • Creating Cooperative Culture—Review—Group Works: A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings by Chris Roth

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