Communities Magazine #154 (Spring 2012) – Spirituality

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  • Publisher’s Note: Giving Up the Gjetost, Seeing I, Eye to Eye by Laird Schaub
  • CREATING COMMUNITY RITUAL – Ritual can connect us more deeply to place, mark the passages of our lives, comfort us in times of grief, and link us in the pure joy of celebration. It works best when created collectively. by Starhawk
  • On the Value of Being There—Why Spiritual Communities Matter Now More than Ever by Margaret Critchlow
  • SHARING THE PATH: Simple and Inclusive Practices for Integrating Spirituality into Groups – Even “non-spiritual” groups can benefit through a multitude of simple practices that deepen participants’ connections with themselves, one another, and the sacred. by Kai Siedenburg
  • The Spiritual Path by Douglas Stevenson
  • CREATIVE SPIRITUALITY IN AMERICAN COMMUNITIES OF THE PAST – If you haven’t heard of hollow earth theory, zig-zag-and-swirl, B-FICs, or bathing bans, you’ve missed out on some of the more distinctive contributions of communal spirituality. by Tim Miller
  • MONASTICISM, COMMUNITY, AND “THE GREAT WORK” – The former Elderhostel coordinator at Holy Cross Monastery explores personal and monastic history to explain her unlikely presence there. by Nancy Roth
  • Gnostic History Lesson by Craig Chalquist
  • CREATING SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY AT THE HERMITAGE – To these communitarians, all work was holy—but overwhelmed by “the accumulating weight of such holiness” and other disappointments, they eventually adjust their aspirations. by Christian and Johannes Zinzendorf
  • COMMON GROUND IN AN UNCERTAIN WORLD – A journey through various flavors of spiritually eclectic community brings us face to face with cursed seeds, the White Brotherhood Team, mystery, and stardust. by Chris Roth
  • Finding Fulfillment at Ananda by Larry Rider
  • Spiritual Warriors: Dharma and discipline cross paths at India’s Mahabodhi residential school by Kiva Bottero and Are Saltveit
  • From 78 to 73 in Community by Don Gobbett
  • INVITING GOD TO DANCE – A dancer’s year at Currents community opens and transforms both her and the group. by Rebecca Dale
  • Circles of Community: Paganism and the Quest for Connection by Elizabeth Barrette
  • SPIRIT IN THE WOODS – At New View Cohousing, practicing consensus, navigating illness, and simply sharing lives are continuing spiritual exercises. by Dana Snyder-Grant
  • Spirituality and Ecovillage Education by Daniel Greenberg
  • Spirituality and Community Living by Clistine Morningstar
  • Ties that Bind by Understanding Israel, M.A. Ed.
  • Not a New Religion: Spirituality in Intentional Community by Miles Sherts
  • It Takes a Village to Raise a Consciousness! by Kelly Bryson, MFT
  • The Path of Community by Barbara Steutzel
  • Reviews—We the People by Diana Leafe Christian, The Economics of Happiness by Chris Roth
  • Creating Cooperative Culture – THE CHURCH OF FERMENTATION – In a world in which food choices and dietary preferences can become quasi-religions, lactic-acid fermentation wins a new convert. by Kim Scheidt


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