Communities Magazine #153 (Winter 2011) – Permaculture

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  • Publisher’€™s Note–Changeaculture by Laird Schaub
  • NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: PERMACULTURE 101 AND ATTENDING TO ZONE ZERO – The editor provides a refresher on our theme and suggests some new Zone Zero guidelines to help keep permaculturalists in the game for the long haul. by Chris Roth
  • SOCIAL PERMACULTURE – While expert at understanding ecological connections, permaculturalists often founder in relating with one another. Applying permaculture principles to group dynamics can help us work together more effectively. by Starhawk
  • Lessons in Building Resilient Neighborhoods: Reflections on the PROUT Institute Community SEED Program by Ryan Dubas
  • SOCIOCRACY: A Permaculture Approach to Community Evolution – Lost Valley Educational Center avoids collapse and reinvigorates itself by applying a new approach to governance combining the best of diverse models. by Melanie Rios
  • PERMACULTURE AT THE FARM: Climate Prophylaxis – Drawing on its long association with permaculture, The Farm in Tennessee institutes on-the-ground projects designed to provide resilience in times of climate change. by Albert Bates
  • eCOOLvillages Comic by Albert Bates and friends
  • HUGELKULTUR ON THE PRAIRIE, OR LEARNING FROM OUR MISTAKES –  Degraded slopes, crumbling logs, plenty of trench-digging, seven blueberry plants, and an unanticipated drought combine to teach some important lessons. by Alyson Ewald
  • The Future of Water: Halting desertification, restoring ecosystems, and nourishing communities by Jeff Anderson
  • Permaculture on Low to No Budget by Elizabeth Barrette
  • Nature’€™s Friends Wait for Human Companionship by Rev. Marjani Dele
  • GROWING A CULTURE OF GRATITUDE IN ARGENTINE PATAGONIA: A WWOOFer Experiences Community Living – An organic farming volunteer learns surprising new lessons from his Argentinian hosts—such as how to relax, how to enjoy practical labor, and how to contribute more sustainably by putting personal work first. by James Collector
  • Cultivating Hope: Using Permaculture to Feed the Orphaned Children in Kenya by Victor Omondi
  • THE SHARING GARDENS – An innovative approach to collective community gardens nurtures a culture of giving while allowing participants to feed both themselves and those in need. by Llyn Peabody
  • DOING IT, OR ARE WE? – On Hawaii’s Big Island, La’akea Community explores sustainability through myriad experiments—from keeping wild pet pigs in the garden to eating 100 percent locally to mowing with sheep. by Tracy Matfin with Dona Willoughby
  • Farming with Horses…Not Tractors by Bernd Riechelmann
  • Permaculture as a Tool for Ecological Community Design by Ethan Hirsch-Tauber
  • HOW PERMACULTURE STOLE MY COMMUNITY! – After a painful period stranded in “permaculture heaven,” an Earthaven founder finds her community finally moving back towards balance with its eco-spiritual roots. by Arjuna da Silva
  • UMass Amherst Permaculture: Leading by Example by Ryan Harb
  • Community Living Worldwide Tasman Village, Australia by Bill Metcalf
  • Cultivating The Neighborhood Creating Family Where We Are Now by Zane Hamm
  • Creating Cooperative Culture Reunion Under the Redwoods by Diana Leafe Christian
  • Reviews The Growing Edge, Additional Permaculture Resources, and Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth by Chris Roth and Kim Crieger Goodwin


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