Communities Magazine #152 (Fall 2011) – Right Livelihood

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 Right Livelihood

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  • NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: RIGHT LIVELY ‘HOOD – Finding meaningful, socially and ecologically responsible work cannot be done in a vacuum. Right livelihood depends on networks of relationship. by Chris Roth
  • Publisher’s Note—Left Livelihood: Doing the Rights Thing by Laird Schaub
  • Fellowship Events—Art of Community: An Experience Centered Around the Values of Right Livelihood in Community by Molly Reed and Susan Frank
  • WORK LESS, SIMPLIFY MORE – By reducing our economic impact, we can shrink our ecological footprint, while freeing up time and energy to contribute to community and a more sustainable world. by Kim Scheidt
  • Balancing Act: How Much Are You Willing to Share? by Janel Healy
  • Active Communities: Why working towards improving our world should be a defining part of any intentional community by Michael Kenny
  • Apple Trees in Winter by Russ Purvis
  • REMADE IN EDINBURGH: The Story of a Community Vision for a Reuse and Repair Centre in Scotland – In Brixton, South London, and Edinburgh, Scotland, right livelihood finds a home in innovative, resource-conserving, grassroots projects. by Sophie Unwin
  • CROWDFUNDING: A Communal Business Model – A collective financial approach that allows individuals to pool their resources in support of favorite projects, crowdfunding both encourages and thrives upon community. by Elizabeth Barrette
  • WHICH COMES FIRST, MY COMMUNITY OR MY CAREER?: For an Out-of-Work Philosopher, Suddenly It’s Not So Theoretical – Believing that the next phase in human evolution involves a return to the “local” and to community with neighbors, the author focuses his job search close to home, and includes any useful type of work. by Stephen Wing
  • THE GIFT OF COMPOST – To the Compostmeister at a collective house, the cycles of compost embody a new economics that focuses upon human needs and relationships. by Jesse Harasta
  • Redefining Work by Brandy Gallagher
  • The Irony of Right Livelihood by Arty Kopecky
  • Right Livelihood at The Farm by Melvyn Stiriss
  • THE LENOX PLACE NEWS – A fifth-grader takes initial steps toward right livelihood by creating a neighborhood newspaper that embodies and helps bring together her local community.SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY: BUDDHA BEING…BUDDHA DOING – Overcoming her resistance to waking up at 5 a.m., a veteran community seeker learns transformative lessons at Deer Park Monastery. by Nancy Moore Roth
  • Right Livelihood, Wrong Volunteerism by Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig
  • Right Livelihood in the Belly of the Beast—Bringing community, cooperation, and ecological responsibility into the practice of real estate by Cassandra Ferrera
  • Community Work—Managing Management by Laird Schaub
  • Spiritual Community: Buddha Being…Buddha Doing by Karina Sabot
  • COHOUSING LIFE: UNTO THE SECOND GENERATION: Can Cohousing Survive and Thrive? – When a cohousing group’s honeymoon ends, and economic stress dictates selling units to any willing buyers, can a community’s core values and connections endure? by Judith Bernstein
  • Review: A Surprise at Dancing Fields by Arjuna da Silva
  • Creating Cooperative Culture: How Recreational Therapy Helps Fun Happen by Vivian Vaillant


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