Communities Magazine #151 (Summer 2011) – Intimacy


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  • Publisher’s Note–Down the Rabbit Hole: Communities Continues to Make Friends and Lose Money by Laird Schaub
  • Cooperative Group Solutions–The Tyranny of Structurelessness? by Tree Bressen, Laird Schaub
  • Intimacy: Past, Future, Present by Chris Roth
  • A Nomad Ponders Family and the Ecstasy of the Group by Molly Hollenbach
  • HONESTY AND INTIMACY – In the author’s first, very intense intentional community immersion, revealing the truth led to love and intimacy. He left that group, but, in many spheres of life, emotional and intellectual honesty became his religion. by Damien Friedlund
  • Love Is the Answer by Satyama Lasby
  • Dreaming It Up: Our 20-Year Experiment with Open Marriage in Community by Jake and Bell
  • THE RELATIONSHIP OF RELATIONSHIPS TO THE GROUP – Relationships don’t exist in a vacuum. Through a culture of communication and support, communities can create the healthy container which relationships need in order to flourish. by Laird Schaub
  • THREE PERSPECTIVES ON INTIMACY IN COMMUNITY: The Cavalry Is Just Around the Corner; When You Feel All Alone; Little Intimacies – A starter marriage, a spouse’s health crisis, and the small details that define each person shed light on the meaning of intimacy. by Kiva Lindsey;
  • When You Feel All Alone by Jane Hillis
  • Little Intimacies by Lynne Goodman
  • INTIMACY IN THE VILLAGE SETTING – After a journey from nuclear family life through student coops, an ecovillager finds rich opportunities for intimacy, in many diverse forms—not just with lovers and family. by Ted Sterling
  • THE SOLACE OF FRIENDS IN COMMUNITY – Women’s Empowerment Circles offer community-within-community, building trust, caring, and mutual support. by Alline Anderson
  • FASCINATING SELFHOOD – Do you think a half-century-old book on proper “womanhood,” much of whose advice is guaranteed to cause feminists to scream out in indignation, has nothing to teach us? Think again. by Kim Scheidt
  • Internal Intimacy by Karbyn Eilde
  • Bee Intimacy by Dona Willoughby
  • Diverse Forms of Intimacies by Shepherd Bliss
  • My Search for Community and Intimacy: Is Cohousing the Answer? by Robin A. Alexander
  • Common Houses: Where Are All the People? — A Study into Common House Vitality and Some Recommendations for Increasing its Use by Rebecca Disbrow
  • A COMMUNITARIAN CONUNDRUM: Why a World That Wants and Needs Community Doesn’t Get It -Despite widespread desire for community, structural and cultural obstacles to intentional community in the modern world loom large. by Timothy Miller
  • On the Road with Communities by Chris Roth
  • Singing for the Cameras: Reality TV = Community Exposure? by Janel Healy


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