Communities Magazine #150 (Spring 2011) – Mental Health


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Mental Health: Challenges and Hope

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  • Publisher’s Note–Being Vigilant about Vigilante Dynamics by Laird Schaub
  • Crazy About Community by Chris Roth
  • GIFTED, MAD, AND OUT OF CONTROL – The author recounts his personal history with the “mentally ill”—social misfits who can show us the way to a better world, if they are allowed to make the journey. by Alexis Zeigler
  • Walking Wounded by Gigi Wahba
  • COMMUNICABLE GIFTS – Both healthy ideas and unhealthy ideas can take hold and spread like viruses. Suicidal tendencies and eating disorders provide invaluable lessons to one communitarian. by Kristina Jansen
  • TOUGH GRACE: Mental Illness as a Spiritual Path – For 12 years, a once-proud career woman struggled with manic depression, becoming a “bag lady” and experiencing more than a dozen hospitalizations, before entering recovery. by Alice A. Holstein, Ed.D.
  • The Influence of Community on Mental Health by Cindy and Friends [Cindy Baranco, Ilana Firestone, Marilyn Moohr, and Judy St. John]
  • HAND IN HAND, HEART TO HEART: Peer Counseling in Community – With loving help from others, the old emotional distresses that can sabotage both our mental health and our relationships in community can be cleared and permanently resolved. by Amara Karuna
  • SHADOW SIDES OF NVC AND CO-COUNSELING – To make best use of nonviolent communication and co-counseling, avoid these traps. by Dona Willoughby
  • PRESCRIPTION FACEBOOK: How can Facebook act as an agent of mental health to a community fragmented 20 years ago? – Ex-members of the Emissaries of Divine Light reflect on their shared past and discover more holistic approaches to inner wellness as they reunite online. by Sandy Brown Jensen
  • RX FOR “MENTAL ILLNESS”: Caring Community – How can we best support mental health? Caring attention—even from amateurs—can promote healing unattainable through impersonal approaches or drugs. by Brian Toomey
  • Healthy Community; Healthy People by Burl Hall
  • A Mental Health Patient Seeks (But Does Not Find) Religious Community by John Wachter
  • Therapeutic Community: A Century at Gould Farm by Steven K. Smith
  • Camphill: Working with Special People by Diedra Heitzman and Jan Martin Bang
  • Camphill: Glimpses of Community Life by Wanda Root
  • Camphill: The Way of My Brother by Bill Prensky
  • NURTURING HEALTHY MINDS – Living in community can provide all the elements necessary for promoting mental well-being, from kinship and useful work to recreation and beauty. by Elizabeth Barrette
  • Community Living Worldwide International Conference about Intentional Communities by Bill Metcalf
  • Review: HOPEFUL NEW STORIES FROM THE OLD WORLD: A New We – Ten European ecovillages show the way to a brighter future. by Chris Roth

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