Communities Magazine #138 (Spring 2008) – Women in Community


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Women in Community

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  • Valuing a Culture of Women by Colette Hoff and others
  • From Intentional Community to Building a Tribe by Anissa Ljanta
  • WHAT’S MASCULINE, WHAT’S FEMININE, AND WHAT AM I? – Mollie Curry hoists a chainsaw and finds herself entangled in a perplexing webs of sticky questions. Here she attempts to untangle the threads, both within herself and within her community. by Mollie Curry
  • Transgendered at Twin Oaks by Calliope Kurtz
  • Journey Inn: Gleanings from the World of Women by Janaia Donaldson
  • BUILDING A BUSINESS IN COMMUNITY – There wasn’t much chance that her lifelong dream of owning a bookstore would come true in her rural Missouri community. So Alline Anderson set off down the exciting and terrifying path of launching the Milkweed Mercantile–creating jobs, providing a market for community products, and offering a warm place for visitors to put up their feet. by Alline Anderson
  • GOOD MEETINGS: THE POWER BALANCE: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It – What can you do if some people in your group seem to have more power than others? Our consensus trainers and group process experts respond. by Caroline Estes, Beatrice Briggs, Tree Bressen and Laird Schaub
  • Founding Community — The Ballad of Shiram by Tatiana Ginsburg
  • Community Where You Are — How Community Values Conquered Climate Change by Malcolm Hollick
  • Publisher’s Note — Martyrs and Slackers by Laird Sandhill
  • Cohousing Life — Women in Cohousing by Betsy Morris
  • Ecovillage Living by Ecovillage Activists in Japan by Diana Christian
  • My Turn — The Not-So-Simple Country Life by Toby Champion
  • Reviews — Get Satisfied
  • Peripatetic Communitarian — Remembering Geoph Kozeny in Photos.


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