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Communities Magazine #137 (Winter 2007) – Communities Making a Difference

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Communities Making a Difference

  • Can We Make a Difference? by Mark Lakeman
  • When “No” is Just an Uneducated “Yes” by Brandy Gallagher
  • Let’s Do Graywater First! by Laura Dvorak & J. Brush
  • FROM ECO-KOOKS TO ECO-CONSULTANTS – Ecovillages are increasingly being sought for their expertise–in wastewater treatment, environmental education, renewable energy, organic agriculture, leadership skills, communication training, and more. by Jonathan Dawson
  • Turning People On to Community by Fred & Nancy Lanphear
  • A “WIFE SWAPPING” ADVENTURE – Can an ecovillage gal live for a week in a mainstream household–with a microwave oven, processed food on paper plates, five SUVs, and six tiny pedigreed show dogs–and make a difference? by Melanie Rios
  • GOOD MEETINGS: PREVENTING “TYRANNY OF THE MINORITY” – Our consensus trainers and communication and process experts advise what to do about inadvertent “minority rule” in community. by Bea Briggs, Laird Schaub, & Tree Bressen
  • On the Road with Zephyr, Part Three, by Zephyr Twombly
  • Good Neighbors by Ellie Sommer
  • Fellowship News by Tony Sirna
  • Diana Leafe Christian: Fare Thee Well!
  • Community Living Worldwide, International Communal Studies Association Conference at Damanhur by Bill Metcalf
  • Fellowship News: Geoph Kozeny Dead at 57 by  Laird Schaub
  • Ecovillage Living Challenges for Ecovillages in the 21st Century by Matthieu Lietaert
  • Reviews, Touching the World, Passion Big as a Planet
  • Peripatetic Communitarian, The Crazies Among Us: Balancing Compassion with Capacity. by Geoph Kozeny

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