Communities Magazine #136 (Fall 2007) – Is Beauty Important

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Is Beauty Important?

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  • Notes on Beauty in Community, Chuck Durrett
  • DOES IT REALLY MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE? – We asked 50 communitarians about attitudes about beauty in their communities. Did they value aesthetics in their buildings and landscape? Would they trade environmental or economic needs for beauty? their answers may surprise you. by Darin Fenger
  • The “Ten Most Beautiful” Communities in the World, Diana Leafe Christian
  • We Walk in Beauty, Giovanni Ciarlo
  • When Adobe Pueblo Meets Star Trek, Diana Leafe Christian
  • The Design Process at Yulupa, Michael Black
  • THE MEANDERING PATHS OF ARCADIA – Builder and old-house renovator Alex Daniell fell in love with the charming, old-world village atmosphere of 8-year-old Arcadia Cohousing. He asks Giles Blunden, the group’s architect, how he did it. by Alex Daniell and Giles Blunden
  • GOOD MEETINGS: WHEN SOMEONE BLOCKS FAR TOO FREQUENTLY – Our consensus trainers and communication and process experts advise what to do about “repeat blockers” in community. by Bea Briggs, Caroline Estes, Laird Schaub, and Tree Bressen
  • Seeking Community, On the Road with Zephyr Twombly, Part Two
  • Living In Community, Ujamaa (cooperative economics), Gwynelle Dismukes
  • Publisher’s Note: Laird Schaub, Tragedy’s Hard Questions
  • Ecovillage Living, Crossing Generational Bridges at the Brazil ENA Meeting by Alison Rosenblatt
  • Cohousing Life, Innovative Solutions, Raines Cohen
  • Fellowship News, Curious George Steps Back by Laird Schaub
  • Reviews, Works of Heart
  • Memories of Drop City
  • Peripatetic Communitarian, Community, Love, and Healing, Geoph Kozeny.


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