Communities Magazine #135 (Summer 2007) – What Do You Eat

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What Do You Eat? Where Does it Come From?

  • CELEBRATING THE FOOD REVOLUTION – Red Earth Farms cofounder Alyson Ewald loves it that her rural community wildcrafts, grows, processes, ferments, pickles, and celebrates food. by Basil Kraut
  • MAKING NEW CHOICES, PLANTING NEW SEEDS – In the mountains of New Mexico, Lama Foundation is making new food decisions to unhook from the fossil fuel-based agricultural systems.
  • A New Root Cellar, Bulk Buying, and Two CSAs, Marty Hiller
  • Other EVI Responses to Energy Decline and EVI, Activism in the Wider Community
  • Eating Local, Living at Emerald Earth
  • Food, Glorious Food!, Stan Hildebrand
  • Gardening in the Alentejo, Leila Dregger
  • On the Road with Zephyr, Zephyr Twombly
  • Founding Community: “The Village in Tipperary: Ireland’s First Large-Scale Ecovillage”, Johnny Connolly
  • Community Where You Are: Stocking our Community Pantry, Mitchell Johnson
  • Hopeful Signs from our Annual Bean Counting, Laird Schaub
  • Ecovillage Living: Varese Ligure: From Traditional Italian Village to “Eco-community” Giovanna Dunmall
  • Federation Update: Twin Oaks’ Labor Credit System
  • My Turn: What I’m Learning from Community, Alan Pakaln
  • Reviews – Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community
  • Little House on a Small Planet

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