Communities Magazine #132 (Fall 2006) – Elder Years in Community



Will You Live Your Elder Years in Community?

Laird Schaub, Bea Briggs, and Tree Bressen: Good Meetings; Dan Chiras and Dave Wann: Community Where You Are; Frank Beaty: Seeking Community; Scott Kellogg and Stacy Pettigrew: Founding Community; Lisa Paulson: Living in Community; Molly Prentiss: The Giant Sea Turtle in Our Shower; Ernest “Chick” Callenbach: Ecotopia in Japan?; Darin Fenger: Graying in Community; June Knack: Healing in the Common House (With a Little Help from My Friends); Craig Ragland: Elder Cohousing: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?; Laird Schaub: Publisher’s Note: “Ruth” or Consequences; Tami Brunk: Ecovillages Worldwide: The Palestinian with a Green Thumb; Parke Burgess: Federation Update. Digital Edition.

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