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Communities Magazine #131 (Summer 2006) – Good Works in Community

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Good Works in Community

Susan DeFreitas, Prescott, EcoHood; Dan Chiras & Dave Wanna Start a Neighborhood Newsletter; Diana Leafe Christian Intern at an Ecovillage; Caroline Estes, Bea Briggs, Tree Bressen, and Laird Schaub, The Overly Powerful Community Member; Darin Fenger: When Oprah or Geraldo Call . . .; Ralph McAtee: Seven Months in the Gulf; Peter Schweitzer: “How Can We Help?” The Farm: Plenty Organization; Michael Livni, Mark Naveh, Alex Cicelsky: Building Bridges of Clay, Mud, and Straw; Rosy Betz-Zall: Can Do It Because I Live in Community; Darin Fenger: Communities That Serve Others . . . and Love Doing It; Alyson Ewald: It Shows Our Neighbors We Want to Contribute; Phil Tymon, Brock Dolman, Adam Wolpert, Dave Henson: Heirloom Gardens, Clean Water, and No GMOs. Digital Edition.

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