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Magazine Ads:

Magazine Classified Ads are text based ads, while Magazine Banner Ads are image based and come in 4 sizes: 1/6 page, 1/3 page, full page & cover page.

Online Ads:

Online Classified Ads reach about 30,000 pageviews per month.

Regular Online Classified Ad  rotates throughout the listing category.  

To boost your ad to the top of these results and to display it in the sidebar on nearly every page of the website including the online directory…

….select for a  Featured Online Classified Ad.

You can also reach over 1/2 million pageviews and 100-300 clicks every single month by placing an Online Banner Ad.

Ad Packages: 

For exposure across several platforms, try these ad packages:
Classified Combo 
Multiple Platform Ad Package
Maximum Multiple Platform Ad Package

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