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When we work together, we build stronger, imagine bigger and think smarter. 

The Foundation for Intentional Community wants to co-create our future with you – both the future of FIC and the communities movement as a whole. In these transformative times, we are committed and inspired to support a growing community of changemakers striving to live in harmony with each other and the Earth!

Support our organization and learn how you can join the conversations. Let’s co-create our future!


The world needs the FIC…and the FIC needs you!

By contributing to the FIC today, you are investing in a future where communities flourish, sustainability thrives, and individuals find purpose in a more connected world. Let’s manifest together our shared vision of a better world.

📢 If you are an established community in the US, your donation to FIC could earn you a free year subscription to Communities magazine! Be sure to note in your donation if you are representing a community with your gift.


Match your contribution to our needs.

As an online organization, we rely heavily on softwares to operate and deliver our resources to you.
When you give your donation, leave in the comment if you want your gift to be used toward any or all of these softwares.

MailChimp: $4,200/year
Make sure the latest IC news makes it into your inbox every month

Formidable: $200/year
Keep the directory and member library running smoothly

LearnDash: $160/year
Maintain a user-friendly learning environment

Zoom: $2,160/year
Ensure the delivery of virtual learning opportunities

Zencastr: $225/year
Ensure we can continue to deliver high quality and informative podcasts every year $120/year
Keep our programs easily accessible

What you helped us achieve in 2023!

Our 2024 Priorities

The demand for FIC resources has never been greater.

Beyond sustaining our operations in 2024, we aim to take a quantum leap in how we serve the movement.

Increase our educational offerings

with new virtual resources, webinars and courses to support seekers and communitarians alike.

Enhance networking opportunities

through further development of our online directory, forum, and membership plan.

Expand our reach and impact

by joining forces with GENNA to become the North American node of the Global Ecovillage Network.

Create a community of communities

by establishing a North American Council of communities with regular meetings and gatherings.

Secure future funding

through our mutually beneficial sponsorship and affiliate programs.