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Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities May

May 4, 2023 @ 1:00 PM 2:30 PM CDT

Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities May

Thursday, May 4, 2023

  • Pacific: 11am-12:30pm
  • Mountain: 12pm-1:30pm
  • Central: 1-2:30pm
  • Eastern: 2-3:30pm

Meet a diversity of communities during the Virtual Tour of Communities May 2023. From secular to spiritual, urban and rural, forming and established — get a vibrant taste of the communities movement without leaving your armchair!

About the Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities May 2023

What you get from the Virtual Tour experience:

  • photos, videos, captivating stories and insightful conversations
  • deeper insight into the lives of communitarians and the places they live
  • inspiration to get you excited about your own community journey
  • information about housing and membership opportunities
  • network building with presenters and fellow participants
  • a sense for what’s alive in the communities movement right now
  • plenty of time for you to ask your burning questions about community living.

Communities Presenting in May

Hapori Eco Cohousing

Hapori is located a short distance from San Miguel de Allende, in the central highlands of Mexico. Our vision is to co-create a sustainable and modern lifestyle where we enhance the wellness of the members and the neighbouring communities. Our mission is to establish an efficient, yet affordable and comfortable, eco-community, inspiring members to live more mindful, enriched and low-impact lives, while restoring the native ecosystem. The community will consist of 15 households, plus common house, workshop, events, and coworking spaces, and a spacious guest house, on around 2 hectares (4.9 Acres). We are also nestled within a larger eco community for additional mutual support.

So far we have our first house finished and occupied, with the second house ready soon, and three more houses under construction, as well as various amenities already in use. We have 4 founding members and we are looking for other members to come and enjoy being stewards of this beautiful land!

Learn More

E Street Attachment Community

Community in development in Livingston, Montana. An ecovillage in utero. One person with an acre and a vision and a commitment to building strong, healthy relationships through the lens of secure attachment. From natural and recycled materials, the community will build a collection of tiny houses into the hillside facing South. The homes will be warmed by the sun and wood furnaces and powered by solar panels. The community will work towards zero waste and food independence. The community will develop a small business that manufactures products that help people limit and repurpose their waste. A portion of the community’s housing will be reserved for people experiencing homelessness. With flexible expectations, the community will practice vegetarianism, meditation, and yoga. Individuals will share a portion of their income. All will work on the land to varying degrees.

Learn More

Fruitful Vegan Village

Community in development in Huntsville, Arkansas. We will live together in ways that are for the highest good for the planet, the people and the animals. As we learn how to harmoniously co-create our life together, we will share our knowledge with others.

We will use tried and tested methods of living, including a whole foods, oil free plant based diet, and the Community Land Trust model. Residents will be empowered to fulfill their highest potential in every area of life: spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental. Being accessible in affordability and to all kinds of people is essential. As we grow in our cooperative abilities to use our gifts, we will serve each other and all of life in ways that help to create a world where all of life can thrive. Community in development in Huntsville, Arkansas.

Learn More

Who should attend?

You should attend the Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities if you want to:

  • visit an intentional community
  • join an intentional community
  • learn more about intentional community in general


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Testimonials for Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities

“This is my first exposure to intentional living situations. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the possibilities and the underlying thinking that informs this kind of living choice. The presenters were excellent. It was great to see the different settings and to hear the various questions related to these three living situations. Thank you so much for this presentation.”

-Leslie Slate

“Great photos and narratives about the philosophy and diversity of communities. I learned about thinks I didn’t know and was given the opportunity to ask all my questions, which were answered in a comprehensive manner.”

-Ivy Summer


Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities 2023


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