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Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities December

December 7, 2023 @ 1:00 PM 2:30 PM CST

Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities December

Thursday, December 7, 2023

  • Pacific: 11am-12:30pm
  • Mountain: 12pm-1:30pm
  • Central: 1-2:30pm
  • Eastern: 2-3:30pm

Meet a diversity of communities during the Virtual Tour of Communities December 2023. From secular to spiritual, urban and rural, forming and established — get a vibrant taste of the communities movement without leaving your armchair!

About the Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities December 2023

What you get from the Virtual Tour experience:

  • photos, videos, captivating stories and insightful conversations
  • deeper insight into the lives of communitarians and the places they live
  • inspiration to get you excited about your own community journey
  • information about housing and membership opportunities
  • network building with presenters and fellow participants
  • a sense for what’s alive in the communities movement right now
  • plenty of time for you to ask your burning questions about community living.

Communities Presenting in December

Umphakatsi Peace Ecovillage

Umphakatsi Peace Ecovillage is a youth-based community initiative that started in 2006 in Steynsdorp Village – Mpumalanga Province – South Africa. The founder of the project (Sarah Motha) is a member of the community, who after living in the village for 33 years, studying, working and travelling; realized that the available resources in the village can be turned into an opportunity for job creation and developing sustainable livelihoods. Hence since the project was started by 11 young members of the community (and 4 adults) who have voluntarily worked together towards establishing the project from building a road, starting fruit garden, to maintaining the Ecovillage.

Learn More

Greek Village Cohousing

We are an international group creating the first multigenerational cohousing village in Greece! We are a multigenerational, multinational, and multilingual group. While we do not share any particular ideology or religion or political opinion, we all share a dedication to community and to the mission of creating Greece’s first cohousing village.

A few of us have significant experience living in cohousing and eco villages. This can lay a strong foundation for a healthy community. A few others are Greek or have significant experience living in Greece, and they will be a great bridge to the wider community. Still others are coming from all walks of life, with a rich mix of skills, talents, and backgrounds that make this group special.

Learn More


A physical and spiritual container for discovery and growth in Nosara, Costa Rica, the Tierramor community is an evolving playground from which a new culture and a more beautiful world might emerge. Currently in its initial stages of development on 120 hectares of incredible land, Tierramor aims to be a meeting point for anyone who wishes to explore the dark and the light. Tierramor hosts regular workshops, retreats and events, attracting permaculturists, spiritual seekers, and purposeful wanderers from around the world.

Learn More

Visit Tierramor in person!

Join the Ecovillage Tour in Costa Rica this January 🌿

Learn more and register at EcovillageTours.com

Meet Your Host

Cynthia Tina

Cynthia Tina is the “community matchmaker” and founder of CommunityFinders, offering programs to help people join and start intentional communities. She’s also the founder of Ecovillage Tours, bringing people on inspirational journeys to sustainable communities. She has visited more than 150 intentional communities around the world, including the Vermont ecovillage where she lives in her self-built passive solar home. 

Formerly the co-director, Cynthia is now a spokesperson and educator with the Foundation for Intentional Community. She’s a former trustee of the Global Ecovillage Network and former director of the youth ecovillage network, NextGEN North America. She holds a degree in Sustainability from Goddard College, as well as certificates in Permaculture and Ecovillage Design, and Yoga Teacher Training.

Get started on your community journey with a short quiz to find out which type of community is a fit for you! https://communityfinders.com/quiz

Who should attend?

You should attend the Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities if you want to:

  • visit an intentional community
  • join an intentional community
  • learn more about intentional community in general


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Testimonials for Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities

“This is my first exposure to intentional living situations. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the possibilities and the underlying thinking that informs this kind of living choice. The presenters were excellent. It was great to see the different settings and to hear the various questions related to these three living situations. Thank you so much for this presentation.”

-Leslie Slate

“Great photos and narratives about the philosophy and diversity of communities. I learned about thinks I didn’t know and was given the opportunity to ask all my questions, which were answered in a comprehensive manner.”

-Ivy Summer


Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities 2023


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