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Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities

July 28


12:00 PM

1:30 PM


Jul 28 | 1-2:30pm Eastern

Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities

Thinking about joining an intentional community? Curious to learn about communities from them directly? Want to peak inside community living and get your questions answered?

The Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities is the event experience for you! Each month we bring together a variety of new and established intentional communities — ecovillages, cohousing, shared homes, coliving spaces and more — to present about about their community in an interactive setting. You’ll experience photos, videos, captivating stories, and insightful dialogue among the presenting communitarians. Plenty of time is included for you to ask your burning questions about community living. Come travel to communities around the world without leaving your armchair!

What you’ll get from the Virtual Tour experience:

  • Deeper insight into the lives of communitarians and the places they live
  • Inspiration to get you excited about your own community journey
  • Information about housing and membership opportunities
  • Network building with presenters and fellow participants
  • A sense for what’s alive in the communities movement right now

This Month’s Presenting Communities

Philadelphia Community Farm

Philadelphia Community Farm, established in 1989 as a CSA farm and non-profit in Osceola, Wisconsin. They are an Intergenerational, Multi-Abled, BIPOC & LGBTQ led and centered farm community and nonprofit 501(c)(3); committed to creating access for historically marginalized people to connect to their history through land, food systems & cultural practices. The mission of Philadelphia Community Farm is to restore health and vitality to people, animals, plants and the earth through the development of a life-sharing community, biodynamic farming and cultural, artistic, educational and regenerative activities. Multiple families and individuals call the farm home, and many retreats, educational opportunities, and spiritual practices have emerged on the land.


Tkanye Cooperative

Tkanye Cooperative is a long-established community home of 30 years in a 7-bedroom single family home located just outside of Union Square in Somerville, Massachusetts. The home is owned by their oldest member, Ellen (73), who was one of the founders of the community. They share all food and household supplies and eat shared dinner almost every night. This community strives to have house meetings twice a month and the occasional group workday, but there is no official chore charts or duties. Everyone is expected to pitch in when needed, and cook dinner once a month.



Ionia is a family-based peer support eco-village in Alaska that supports and maintains a healthy environment, nurturing explorations into building community, small-scale organic gardening, natural building, renewable energy, and homegrown education. Their community includes a developed campus with 15 homes, two large community centers, a fleet of vehicles and equipment, and 200 wild acres of boreal forest. Organic gardens, greenhouses, and grain trials help to feed the community throughout the year. Without compromising access to the latest technologies, Ionia residents live with a minimum disturbance to the land’s natural beauty and balance.



Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities 2022


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