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Sharing Power: Designing for Radical Cooperation [Workshop]

September 1, 2021


12:00 PM

2:00 PM


Sharing Power:: Designing for Radical Cooperation

September 1st | 12-2:00pm Eastern

Sharing Power: Designing for Radical Cooperation

Many groups and communities suffer or even fall apart because of power struggles. If you want your group to succeed, it’s essential to take a clear-eyed look at how power is shared and used. Join us to examine how to design a group that deeply supports everyone to make changes that improve life.

Do you live in a “cooperative” group that feels like it’s run by a secret mafia? Are you a new community member who is expected to decode a mysterious palimpsest of ancient agreements? Are you a community founder who wants to shed the role of despotic czar and instead support others to step into leadership, so you can finally get a break?

In this workshop, we will examine how to design a group that deeply supports everyone to make changes that improve life.

During this session you will:

  • Become fluent in the meaning of power and where it comes from
  • Learn why “conflict” and “control” are so often heard in the same sentence
  • Explore the kinds of power you have in your community or other social group
  • Learn how to create access to resources and capacities
  • Discover how to make decisions that really do include everyone
  • Find out what it takes to have open, sincere dialogue about power dynamics

Meet the Presenter

Alyson Ewald, Presenter

Alyson Ewald

Alyson works with individuals and groups to design systems and practices that facilitate learning, connection, creative conflict engagement, and collaborative decision making. She is the facilitator for the social dimension of the online Design for Sustainability course hosted by Gaia Education. She has received training and experience in English teaching, Permaculture, Alternatives to Violence, Nonviolent Communication, Consensus Facilitation, and Restorative Circles. She has also served as board member for Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Scotland County Farmers’ Market, and FIC. She is an avid student of governance, conflict, and justice.

After receiving her BA in English from Bates College, Alyson lived and worked overseas for nine years. During that time, she taught English; coordinated exchange programs; led workshops on consensus, nonviolence, and facilitation; and founded and taught a leadership and skill-building program. In 2005, she co-founded Red Earth Farms, a community in northeast Missouri, where she continues to practice permaculture and social transformation.



Workshop — Sharing Power: Designing for Radical Cooperation

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Date: September 1st

Time: 12-2:00pm ET (see your local time)

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