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Developing a Prosocial Ecosystem in Intentional Communities

August 18, 2022


7:30 PM

9:30 PM


Aug 18th | 7:30-9:30pm Eastern

Developing a Prosocial Ecosystem in Intentional Communities

Join Prosocial World Master Facilitator Pip Atkins for an interactive workshop to design your community model using the Prosocial Design Principles.

You’ll learn how the core Design principles ensure organizational sustainability and how they form an ecosystem. You can enact these principles using various approaches including sociocracy, restorative justice, conflict resolution processes. You’ll be in break out rooms with other like-minded people discussing how you might (or might not) implement the design principles in your community.

What is Prosocial?

Prosocial is a method for culture change that sets out principles for an organization to enact to support it flourishing. It provides tools which allow groups to balance self interest and group interest.

The inter-related Prosocial Principles are:

  1. Shared identity and purpose
  2. Equitable distribution of contributions and benefits (building a win-win culture)
  3. Fair and inclusive decision-making
  4. Monitoring of agreed behaviors (creating transparency, where everybody can see what others in the group are doing)
  5. Graduated responding to helpful and unhelpful behaviour (providing feedback)
  6. Fast and fair conflict resolution
  7. Authority to self-govern (according to principles 1-6)
  8. Collaborative relations between groups and with other groups (using principles 1-7)

During this session you will learn:

  • The essential Design Principles to make your intentional community function effectively (if you’re an established community, you can reflect on how effectively you are functioning and why)
  • How the Principles are enacted/operationalised in various intentional communities and contexts
  • What areas need attention and why, if you’re experiencing any challenges within your organization

Workshop Presenter

Pip Atkins

Pip has extensive work experience as an executive coach, facilitator and over the last three years has developed her expertise as a Prosocial facilitator for Prosocial World.

She lives in an intentional community, Narara Ecovillage, Australia which has 200 members. She runs webinars and workshops for intentional communities for Prosocial World , the Global Ecovillage Network and for Narara Ecovillage.

Pip is a founding member of Prosocial Australia Co-operative which offers Prosocial services to organizations in Australia. She is co-leader of the Community Circle at Narara Ecovillage which uses sociocracy as its governance system.

She enjoys delivering interactive workshops, webinars and community building forums that assist with the transition towards a more cooperative, collaborative world.


Workshop — Developing a Prosocial Ecosystem in Intentional Communities

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