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Blueprints for Belonging: Conversations on Creating Intentional Communities April

April 9 @ 1:00 PM 2:00 PM CDT

Blueprints for Belonging: Conversations on Creating Intentional Communities April

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

  • Pacific: 11am-12:00pm
  • Mountain: 12-1:00pm
  • Central: 1-2:00pm
  • Eastern: 2- 3:00pm

Discover the essentials of starting your own intentional community with April’s Blueprints for Belonging: Conversations on Creating Intentional Communities featuring Nicole Reese

This event series is crafted for emerging community founders, offering direct access to practical advice and insights from experts in the field. Led by Cynthia Tina, who brings her experience from visiting over 200 communities worldwide, each session features one-to-one interviews with community consultants, founders, and educators.

This is more than an event series—it’s a launchpad for future community leaders.

“Blueprints for Belonging” zeroes in on the practical aspects of community building. Our guests share real-world experiences and actionable strategies, covering everything from legal setup and financial management to culture building and governance. This series is an invaluable resource for anyone at the beginning stages of creating a community, providing a roadmap to avoid common mistakes and implement best practices.

The format encourages active participation, with opportunities for the audience to ask questions and engage directly with speakers. This interactive approach ensures that you can get specific advice relevant to your project.

About Conversations on Creating Intentional Communities April

What you get from this conversation:

  • Learn the basics of starting an intentional community
  • Understand legal and financial requirements
  • Discover how to build a positive community culture and effective governance
  • Learn conflict resolution techniques
  • Explore strategies for sustainability and self-sufficiency
  • Connect with other community founders and experts

About this Month’s Guest Speaker

Nicole Reese

Nicole has been studying, living in, and obsessing about regenerative villages for 5 years. Educated as an anthropologist, she has a professional background in graphic design, marketing, and event production working for TEDx Talks and WELabs. 

Nicole worked for her local government in native plant and wildlife habitat restoration and green waste management in the Long Beach Office of Sustainability, before leaving California to live in ecovillages in Costa Rica and Mexico.

In 2021 she founded Terrenity, an educational organization to support ecovillage seekers and builders. This project became an official collaborator of the Global Ecovillage Network. Terrenity evolved into a nonprofit model to support emerging ecovillages in Guyana and Uganda, while Nicole merged its venture projects with Regen Tribe as co-founder and COO. She now leads projects in regenerative community education and design, and collaborates on regenerative land development in Mexico and abroad.

Current highlight communities she is working on include a longevity smart village in Italy and La Ecovilla community in Costa Rica. Her favorite project is the Terrenity Substack, where she shares weekly articles that scuba dive into topics of regenerative village design.

About Your Host

Cynthia Tina

Cynthia is a leading consultant in the field of intentional communities. She’s the founder of CommunityFinders, offering programs to help people join and start residential communities. She’s also the founder of Ecovillage Tours, bringing people on inspirational journeys to regenerative communities around the world. Cynthia has visited more than 150 intentional communities globally, including the Vermont ecovillage where she lives in her self-built passive solar home. 

Formerly a Co-Director, Cynthia is a partner and educator with the Foundation for Intentional Community. She’s a former trustee of the Global Ecovillage Network and former Director of the youth ecovillage network, NextGEN North America. Cynthia holds a degree in Sustainability from Goddard College, as well as certificates in Permaculture and Ecovillage Design, and Yoga Teacher Training.

Get started on your community journey with a short quiz to find out which type of community is a fit for you! https://communityfinders.com/quiz


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Blueprints for Belonging: Conversations on Creating Intentional Communities


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