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BIPOC Members Speak: A Conversation About Community [Panel]

October 24, 2021 @ 12:00 PM 2:00 PM CDT

October 24th | 1-3:00pm Eastern

BIPOC Members Speak: A Conversation About Community

Join us for a 2-hour panel to learn about the experiences of BIPOC individuals in community, as well as how to welcome BIPOC into your community.

This is an interactive opportunity to gain a better understanding of BIPOC individuals’ experiences. The panel discussion will cover questions like:

  • What is the lived experience of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) individuals in majority white communities?
  • What are some examples of BIPOC individuals’ challenges and successes?
  • What are things that can make experiences in community better for BIPOC?
  • What do BIPOC individuals want allies to know?

You are welcome to attend with your own questions too! There also will be time to debrief after the panel in breakout rooms.

During this panel you will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of BIPOC experiences
  • Knowledge of how to be a better ally
  • Solidarity with BIPOC individuals and a desire to support BIPOC in community
  • Knowledge about how you can welcome BIPOC members in your community

Meet the Panelists

Jaecinta Harris

Jaecinta is a prolific creator and channel. Her passions are extensive, ranging from creating art, business, fine cuisine, music, comedy, dance, and film, to creative writing and theory. When she’s not teaching and channeling for people, she will be found expressing herself through the above forms, wandering through nature on the beautiful 8 acres known as Conscious Culture Cooperative (her ohm sweet ohm), or traveling around the planet on various ventures and quests.

Though she’s recently taken a break from social media to focus on creating the Cooperative and birthing her daughter, in addition to her life coaching and teaching, Jaecinta keeps a weekly podcast, Q&A with Jaecinta, where she channels timely answers for the collective, addressing the current tides with practical tools and insights. You can find her on Instagram @WanderlustWarrior, on Facebook, or view her poetry, art, prose and theory via her WordPress blog.


Leo (Rainbow Dragon)

Leo has lived, and travelled through over 100 communities worldwide and is a co-founder of some intentional communities including Visionarios, Eco-Venus, and Chirusco, as well as the Utopian Ecovillage Network, the first Seed Festival in Adelaide/Australia, the South Australian Damanhurian Esoteric school of Meditation group and the Alliance of Intentional Communities of Australia.

He has a passion for the land and believes as custodians of the land it is our duty to maintain its health and vitality, therefore ensuring the health and vitality of the plants, the environment and ultimately our own well-being. Leo has studied Agroforestry, Permaculture, and sustainable constructions methods as well as conflict resolution and decision making processes.


Aleta Toure

Free the Land! This is a slogan created by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement that is still used today.   Aleta will discuss the present African land movements of the US today:  Black Cooperative Movement, The Republic of New Africa (RNA) and  Gullah Geechee.  She then will give international global education on Maroon Villages of Accompong Village, Quilombos of Brazil and the recent Umoja Village of Kenya.

Aleta is a homeschooling mother, liberation strategist and worker-owned cooperative member with Parable of the Sower Intentional Community Cooperative where they sell mostly community organizing products and services soon to sustain their worker owned housing cooperative and film documentary on “The Black Cooperative Movement.”


Zarinah Agnew

Zarinah is the Co-Executive Director of District Commons, a non-profit that works to amplify the emancipatory power of communities to create collective possibilities. District Commons believes that commoning, or equitably sharing and building resources, supports liberations, communities are experts on themselves, experimentation is vital for creating change, and immersive experiences lead to deeper learning. They steward multiple intentional community houses that center the needs and wisdoms of formerly incarcerated individuals (The Second Life Project). They also steward the Alternative Justices Project – a decentralized collective that seeks to address harms in our communities by expanding consent cultures, abolishing prisons, and experimenting with alternative forms of place-based transformative and restorative justice, healing and repair.


Jaime Escobedo

Life on Earth is beautiful. Jaime is a child of its wonder. He is a communard, and believes in the power of cooperation. Activism is a life-long responsibility for him; through his voice and actions, he hopes to bring awareness to those that can’t. Jaime was a ten year member of the FEC, and spent time on many farms teaching ranching, slaughtering, butchering, and hunting techniques. He has spoken at conferences and assemblies within the FEC and greater egalitarian community movement on issues such as drug abuse and bigotry of many types.



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