Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in Community

5-Week Online Course | Resuming in 2022

Learn how to foster an inclusive community that is welcoming of people across identities of race, LGBTQ, gender, and disability. Let author and coach, Crystal Byrd Farmer, lead you and your group through the critical journey of making transformative change toward real inclusion.

Start the journey toward recognizing and honoring diversity with the help of this online course.

Diversity is a value of many intentional communities, but despite their best intentions, community members with marginalized identities often feel left out and unheard. We cannot create an inclusive community without listening to their voices. This course is an introduction to the most common marginalized identities and how it affects life in community.

We will discuss race, gender, sexuality, disability, age, and socioeconomic status with real life examples and interactive homework assignments. After taking this course you will know how to be more attentive to the needs of marginalized people and prevent unintentional harm due to bias, microaggressions, and cultural appropriation.

People of all ethnicities and community experience are encouraged to join this online course.

Key Course Outcomes

  • Recognize and counter white supremacy culture
  • Navigate power dynamics related to identity
  • Communicate across cultural divides
  • Reach out to people from different backgrounds
  • Resolve conflicts dealing with identity
  • Learn the basics of implicit bias and microaggressions
  • Understand how different aspects of identity affect our experience of community
  • Understand the concept of masking/passing/code switching that is the everyday experience of marginalized people
  • Learn the difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation
  • Learn about hidden disabilities and neurodiversity
  • Understand how policies can support instead of alienate marginalized people

Meet Your Instructor

Building Diverse & Inclusive Communities Instructor, Crystal Farmer

Crystal Farmer

Crystal Byrd Farmer is the author of The Token: Common Sense Ideas for Increasing Diversity in Your Organization. She is a North Carolina native active in the cohousing and polyamorous communities. An engineer turned educator, she speaks and writes about ways communities can be more welcoming to people of all kinds of backgrounds. Crystal is the website editor for Black & Poly, an organization promoting healthy polyamorous relationships for people of color. She serves on the Board of the Foundation for Intentional Community and on the Editorial Review Board of Communities Magazine. Crystal is passionate about encouraging people to change their perspectives on diversity, relationships, and the world.

The Online Course Experience

Live Interactive Sessions

Each week will feature a 2-hour live class with the course instructor so you can learn in a dynamic setting and get your questions answered directly. Get ready for interactive presentations, group discussion, small cohort activities and personalized support. Plus, each week there will be bonus sessions with guest speakers and panelists.

Journey with a Cohort

Join participants from around the world who are embarking on creating community for better living and more connection. You’ll have opportunities to network with like-minds and develop a network of support to carry your community project forward. Welcome to your global community of communities.

Deep Learning

Participants will have access to a private online space to connect with the instructor and other students through a discussion forum. Each week new learning materials will be uploaded to the space, including videos, worksheets and articles. You’ll be able to watch previously recorded sessions and stay on track with your weekly assignments.

Loved by Community Builders

This course was a great way to connect with others and feel less isolated in my experiences. It also offered insights into identities I don’t inhabit that will help me understand others more and be a better ally. 

Fatima H. 

I’m strongly encouraging other people in our community to attend the next session. The class was so well organized and I appreciated the variety of topics covered from BIPOC to disabilities-related issues. Chrystal packs a lot of material into a short time, offering practical suggestions that we can put in practice in our mainly white community. I found the resources and homework to be really useful and insightful. I feel that I gained a much deeper understanding of how white supremacy lives in me and how I can grow and evolve in my relationships with non-majority-culture people.

Hope H.

Participating in this course was the most important thing I’ve done this year. Crystal’s presentation was organized, moving and real. We covered how to prepare our community & ourselves for relating with and creating safety for members of multiple abilities, races, identities, ages and ethnicities; mistakes to avoid & tools for conflict resolution. The additional resources will be my ongoing project.

Kathleen B. 

I thought there were several good points made about a variety of very relevant topics. I learned a lot about experiences that are different than my own and loved the resources and tools passed along. I thought Crystal was very easy to understand and effective at teaching and creating discussion.

Clarity B.

Course Schedule

Live classes for the November course will take place each week from noon-2pm Eastern on Fridays.

You will also have access to three live Bonus Sessions on relevant topics with guest speakers and facilitators scheduled at various times throughout the weeks. Please view the calendar below. All classes and Bonus Session recordings are viewable afterwards.

Sample Bonus Session Topics:

  • Neurodiversity in Community: an Introduction to Autistic Inclusion
  • Reparations, Reparatory Justice & Community Land Trusts
  • Class in Community
  • Sharing Power: Designing for Radical Cooperation
  • Village Economic & Social Justice structures

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Apply for a scholarship. Those with low-income and from marginalized groups are encouraged to apply. FIC is committed to ensuring everyone has access to intentional community learning opportunities.