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Building Belonging is both a practical guide and a collective framework for starting intentional community from a whole systems approach.

Intentional Communities are uniquely positioned to elevate its creative & collective organizing to address the systemic inequalities and disparities we face globally.

Many of us have lost community to the culture of hyper-individualism, mobility, and competition, and find ourselves longing for deeper human connections. At the same time, we are in a moment of cultural reckoning, with racialized capitalism, colonialism, and the effects of a profound disconnection from the natural world. 

Building Belonging is both a practical guide for how to start a residential  intentional community and a collective framework for addressing the racial, social, ecological and economic disparities affecting all aspects of the living experience for humans, land, and its co-inhabitants. It offers an unprecedented perspective to creating intentional community that speaks directly to the reader who wants collective answers and who sees the deep benefit of community living as a key piece to addressing systemic issues. 

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“Building belonging is an invitation to learn not just from our pain, but also from our joy. It is my gift back to a movement that has been feeding my heart for almost three decades.”

This book interweaves the practical advice and how-to’s with the motivations and actions that can make this movement transformative for all beings. Author Yana Ludwig brings wisdom and perspective from 25 years of intentional community experience and many years of training founders in  starting intentional community.

Building Belonging is a give-back to the movement that nurtured Yana’s personal and professional growth for all those years,  transforming her knowledge into a practical and honest guide unlike any other, uniquely built for its time. 

The dream to create a more whole and connected life is one that awakens in people of all walks of life, with various histories and levels of access to land and wealth. The yearning to belong to a place and a people could be said to be inherent in our very nature. 

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Praise for Building Belonging

“While the historically flagrant wounds of settler-colonialism and white supremacy continue to have negative impacts on Indigenous Peoples, their byproducts of globalization, ecological destruction, hyper-individualism and emotional depression have resulted in suffering among all peoples. A resurgence of community living is imperative in yielding our collective liberation and healing for both humans and all other living beings.

Without being prescriptive, Yana Ludwig combines her broad experience, holistic perspective, commitment to justice, and sheer brilliance to provide a comprehensive guide to the very real considerations integral to assembling an intentional community.

Even if you’re not currently thinking about starting an intentional community, you may very well be inspired to begin envisioning one after reading this book.”

Marcus Briggs-Cloud, co-founder, Ekvn-Yefolecv Maskoke Ecovillage 

“Starting an intentional community in the colonized world presents what seems to be an endless supply of ethical dilemmas.  How do we rebuild place based culture amidst rampant oppression, wealth disparity and cultural amnesia? Our western minds want solutions and formulas, and yet the task of creating community is mostly filled with questions. 

Yana has lived most of her adult life living in intentional communities at different stages of maturity.  She has experienced the range of unimaginable beauties and shadows that this life path offers, and she has continually learned and contributed to the collective learning through decades of movement activism.

Where we are on culture’s edge, we need guidebooks that help us orient and understand the evolving landscape we are in as much as possible.  Yana has poured forth her life’s experience to create a timely contribution to this growing movement.

This book is readable, down to earth, and full of real talk about what it takes to start and nurture the growth of an intentional community.  With Yana’s support, your intentional community can also become a learning ground and rather than be a haven for the privileged, become a seed garden for the much needed change we need in the world.”

Cassandra Lynn Ferrera, The Center for Ethical Land Transition

About the Author…

Building Belonging author, Yana Ludwig

Yana Ludwig

Yana has 25 years of cooperative living experience, including four community start-ups. She served for over a decade on the Board of the Foundation for Intentional Community, and as a trainer, facilitator, and consultant for progressive projects since 2005. Yana is co-author of The Cooperative Culture Handbook: A Social Change Manual to Dismantle Toxic Culture and Build Connection and author of Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption, which won the 2017 Communal Studies Association Book of the Year Award.

Yana’s 2013 TEDx talk, Sustainable is Possible! (And it doesn’t suck…) kicked off an era for her as a public speaker and advocate for communities. She is a founding member of the Solidarity Collective, an income sharing community in Laramie, WY. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the North Coast Food Web in Astoria OR, where she lives with her partner, Matt Stannard, and a very large dog.

Find out more about Yana on her website:

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Pair Building Belonging with the Starting a Community on-demand course instructed by Yana Ludwig. The perfect companion to start your journey right.

With the Starting a Community course, you can work at your own pace, explore 15 modules with instructional videos, learning materials, and exercises, and gain access to FIC’s course forum and learning center.

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