Advertising Opportunities with FIC

Would you like to reach those living in, building, interested in, and seeking community? FIC offers advertising in print in Communities magazine and online on To request a quote to reserve your ads, write, use this form, or call 443-422-3741.

5 Types of Ads:

  1. Magazine Display Ads – these are the image based ads in Communities magazine, including cover ads.
  2. Magazine Classified Ads – place these classified ads in Communities magazine to reach subscribers.
  3. Online Display Ads – these image ads are on the right hand side of most pages on, including this page, and most notably on all of the directory pages, which is where the majority of our website traffic visits.
  4. Online Classified Ads – these can be found in Community Classifieds, and may include images, contact info, and a website link. There are also free categories for seeking communities or community members.
  5. Online Featured Classified Ads – also in Community Classifieds, these ads allow more pictures and text, plus they appear at the top of the ad results, and at the bottom of the right hand column on every page.

Reasons to Advertise with FIC

  • Readership - Communities Magazine distributes 3,000 copies per issue.
  • Traffic - receives 80,000+ Unique Visitors and 400,000+ page views every month!
  • Results – Average Online Ad receives 18,000 Views per Day, and 20-40 Clicks per Day!
  • Years of Experience – FIC has been furthering Community Causes for 40 years.
  • Demographics – Reach an enthusiastic, environmental, ethical, intelligent audience.
  • Mission – FIC is a Non Profit 501-(C)3 educating people about community living.


Advertising Testimonials

“Great results!” – Nomadic Arts Yurts, Hudson, OH

“Our ad was amazingly successful! I was both startled and pleased. I had to scramble to keep up with the response! I will definitely advertise our events here in the coming years.” – Karen Savage Taylor, Registration, Earthaven Ecovillage

“We advertise in Communities because we get calls from just the people we’re looking for.” – Living Shelter Crafts, Sedona, AZ

“Your readers are looking for what we offer.” – Westwood Cohousing, Asheville, NC


Magazine Advertising

Since its founding in 1972, Communities has gained the reputation of being the magazine serving the intentional communities movement. Communities is an attractive 80-page quarterly with a circulation of about 3,000 per issue.

Communitarians and fans tend to share the magazine as well, as you might imagine, so readership and exposure is even higher! Major national and regional magazine distributors also carry Communities, and it is debuting in digital formats and new marketplaces in 2013.

Communities covers life in cooperative culture and serves people interested in co-housing, ecovillages, food co-ops, cooperative neighborhoods, and other communities created where people live and work together for greater well being. Our readers are generally empathetic, self aware and self educating, concerned about ecology, energy, and organic food, plus worthwhile social causes, travel, and equitable living opportunities.

Magazine Display Ads

Magazine Display Ads

Magazine Classified Ads

Classified Ads are a perfect way to match people looking for communities with communities looking for people, as well as to promote workshops, goods, services, books, products and personals of interest to an audience interested in Communities. To Order a Magazine Classified Ad, use this form or write to

“I would like you to know how much we appreciate your fruitful efforts. We are receiving regular inquiries. We have a new family moving here from the East Coast, and many interviews and orientations booked. They are all a direct result of our Reach ad.”

# of Words Quarterly (1 Issue) Annual (4 Issues)
Up to 50 $25 $75
Up to 125 $40 $125
Up to 350 $60 $175



Magazine Issue Entry Deadlines

Issue Date



Submission Deadline

Spring 2015


Baby Boomers in Community

January 24, 2015

Summer 2014


Business in Community

April 24, 2014

Fall 2014


Community Conversations

July 24, 2014

Winter 2014


Technology: Friend or Foe?

October 30, 2014


Online Advertising

Advertising options on the FIC Website ( accommodate a range of advertising budgets, providing high exposure, lots of clicks, and quick service to get your ad online fast. Online Advertising an ideal option for upcoming events and workshops, internships, jobs, as well as for real estate, goods, services, fundraising causes, and more!

Online Display Ad

Your Display Ad will appear on the right column of nearly every page of the site, including our highest trafficked area of the website, the Community Directory pages. The average online Display Ads receive over 300,000 pageviews per month, and from 200-600 clicks per month! The efficacy of the ad depends on its’ design, offering, and placement.

You can see example online ads on the side of this page! >>

Email, call 443-422-3741, or use this form to request a quote. Due to the popularity of these ads, many are booked well into 2015 already, so look at the Date Available column to see when each is available. Ads can be reserved in advance, and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Each ad is 192 W x 144 H. Here are the options:

Online Display Ad Options

Online Classified Ads

Online Classifieds offer an affordable text based ad option, at $20 per month, $40 for 3 months, or $125 for 1 year. Many ads succeed here, such as those offering products, publications, services, land, and opportunities offered by, and of interest to, communities. There are also Featured Classified Ads online, which display your post prominently on classified ad pages, plus it displays the title of your ad in the bottom right hand side of nearly every page on our site.

For further details and instructions on how to place an ad, go to Online Classifieds. (The online classified option is separate from the Magazine Classifieds, although you can sign up for both by contact


Advertising Terms & Conditions

Advertisers are expected to have read this information, and to agree to all terms and conditions.


Ads are prepaid before placement. Ad rates are subject to change without notice, except if purchased annually or if previously contracted. Payment is accepted through the following methods:

  1. Email: For a custom invoice you can click to pay through message or use this form.
  2. Phone: Call 443-422-3741 to place your order using a Credit or Debit card.
  3. Mail: Send a money order or check by printing and mailing this form to:
Fellowship for Intentional Community RR 1 Box 156 Rutledge, MO 63563

Ad Content

Communities Magazine accepts advertising only for goods and services that we feel will be of value to our readers. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel advertising for any reason at any time. All advertising claims are solely the responsibility of the advertiser. Ads being repeated will be rerun from the latest inserted advertisement unless otherwise specified.

Submitting Artwork & Ad Copy

All Magazine and Online Display Ads must have some graphic or photo. A graphic or a picture can be located or created for you, or it can be formatted into an ad for you, as part of an optional $49 design service.

For magazine ads, please submit digital artwork as a PDF file. For online ads please submit your graphics in JPG. If you must send physical items, all copies of ad copy, pictures, and graphics will be retained on file by FIC, unless specially requested for return with a $10 charge to safely ship any materials back to you.

For magazine ads, if the PDF format is not available, the second choice is a non-compressed TIFF format. The third choice is either (1) Adobe Photoshop 5.5 or earlier EPS format, (2) Adobe Illustrator 8.0 for Mac, or (3) Quark Xpress 4.1 (or earlier) for Mac. For any formats not PDF or TIFF, you must include all of the fonts in the artwork, both screen and postscript. All images present in the artwork must be sent as an independent file, for Illustrator or Quark.

Photos or graphics with any gray in them must be 300 dpi. Photos and images that are only type and black and white line art, should be 1200 dpi (or at least 900 dpi). We prefer not to use camera-ready hard copy, so please try to submit everything digitally. However, we will accept it if absolutely necessary at the exact ad size and printed out in high resolution with a laser printer on glossy paper, and sent in with a printed out form.


Purchasing Annually saves you from 15-35%. If you are an FIC Member, you also earn a special 5% discount. Sometimes there are additional specials available, especially when you combine online and print advertising. Send a message to Christopher to receive a custom invoice you can pay through directly, using any credit or debit card, or Paypal. Alternatively you can pay over the phone, or print out the custom invoice and mail it in with a check.


To get in touch with the Ad Manager use this form, email, or call 443-422-3741.
For other ways to support the magazine, please Get Involved!
Thank you!
Christopher Kindig
FIC Advertising & Business Manager



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