FIC Membership

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FIC Membership

The Fellowship for Intentional Community is dedicated to creating a world where community is available to everyone who wants it. Will you support the Fellowship in pursuit of this vision?

Your membership provides us with encouragement and financial support to:

  • Publish the Communities Directory and Communities magazine.
  • Produce Art of Community conferences and other Community events.
  • Run the Community Bookstore, specializing in books, videos, and publications on cooperative living.
  • Operate our web site,, as a resource for tens of thousands of viewers every month.
  • Loan money to community businesses.
  • Answer zillions of queries every year on how to find people with similar values, land, and information about collective ownership, sustainable living, economic and labor systems, and an endless variety of topics.

FIC Members Receive:

  • New! With any category of community membership, a Membership Badge to accompany your listing in the Communities Directory, FIC Membershipboth print and online. Additionally, your listing in the print Directory will have a bold border. *Note: you must opt for a Community Membership to receive this benefit.*
  • 10% discount on most publications and occasional other items.
  • 5% discount on fees for FIC hosted events
  • 5% discount on fees for participating events sponsored by the FIC
  • Discount on advertising in Communities magazine.

Help the Communities Movement Thrive

All these goodies aside, we believe the biggest membership benefit is the knowledge that you are helping build the communities movement in North America and world wide! Membership contributions and all donations are tax deductible, as FIC is a 501c3 non profit.

To sign up for a multiple-year membership, please add your membership to the shopping cart, and then change the quantity in the shopping cart to the number of years you want. Membership discounts in this store are available to individual members, and to individuals whose community is a member.