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Author: Bill Metcalf

Dr. Bill Metcalf, of Griffith University, Australia, is the author of numerous scholarly and popular articles, plus seven books, about intentional communities, the most recent being The Findhorn Book of Community Living. He is Past President of the International Communal Studies Association and has been Communities magazine’s International Correspondent for many years.

Articles by Bill Metcalf include:

  • SomerVille Ecovillage, Australia (Issue #140)
  • Death of Two of Australia’s Community Elders (Issue #142)
  • Mish’ol: An Urban Kibbutz (Issue #149)
  • Tasman Village, Australia (Issue #153)
  • Communal Pathways to Sustainable Living: International Communal Studies Association Conference, Findhorn Foundation (Issue #160)
  • Narara Ecovillage, Australia (Issue #161)
  • Energising Community Spirit: Australian Intentional Communities Conference, 2013 (Issue #162)

Learning from Our Past

Posted on September 11, 2017 by

Forty-five years of researching, writing and teaching about, and living within intentional communities yield personal lessons with global implications.