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Affordable Cohousing in Guanajuato City, Mexico

by Chipi
Community Forming
Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico

Sharing and Caring in Mexico


Guanajuato Cohousing is forming a group of 12-16 members  to create a sharing and caring bilingual, bi-cultural community whose aim is:

  • to live comfortably and economically by sharing a fully-equipped communal house bordered by private cottage/duplexes
  • to pledge our generosity and caring support to one another
  • to provide a secure home base from which to explore and gain appreciation of the culture, customs and traditions of Mexico
  • to live in harmony with the surrounding community of Guanajuato

We’re looking for emotionally-mature, dependable, considerate people who appreciate good food and wine, music and the arts, and stimulating conversation in a relaxed, low-key atmosphere; who would enjoy sharing their skills, knowledge, and experience for the benefit of our community; who have lively minds and a calm demeanor; who are active listeners, compassionate advisers, and respectful of the natural environment.

While there is no requirement to do so, members will be encouraged to reach out to the local community via any number of volunteer organizations and participate in inter-cultural activities.

We will be a pet-friendly community.  Clear, written policies regarding pets will be determined by the group.



The land, communal house, and garage with studio apartment, now under private ownership, will be legally deeded to a non-profit civil association comprised of all members of the community. 

Membership in the association,  which includes in its value, 1/12 of all communal land and buildings, is approx. $30K USD per person (assuming 12 members total, or less per person should the group decide to increase the membership up to a maximum of 16).  The cottage/duplexes  will be designed and funded  by the group, with individual building costs accruing to that person’s membership value. Proposed plans (as an example for reference only) for an individual-sized 46m2 (500 sq. ft.) cottage/duplex are estimated to cost $20-30K USD per unit. Members will share site preparation and infrastructure costs (water, sewer, electricity) equally and the costs will accrue to the value of each membership equally.

The 6550m2 of  land is partially fenced, with extensive landscaping,  vegetable/herb garden, flowers.  Buildings have rainwater catchment and storage systems, UV filters in kitchen for clean drinking and cooking water,  whole house gray water recovery and filtration system, U.S. code electric system with back-up gasoline generator , whole house voltage regulation, and broadband internet/ cell phone service.


Prospective members will be required to first live in Guanajuato independently for a minimum of six months to confirm whether  Mexico, and Guanajuato in particular, are a good fit for them (or three months if they have already lived in Mexico), while participating in organizational meetings, facilitation and consensus  training,  communication/conflict resolution workshops, and  cottage/duplex design planning.   Once the core group (minimum of six fully-committed founders) is established and has completed the workshops, the community organization details are firm, and payments are made to the association building fund, the building permits are easily acquired and construction of the infrastructure and cottage/duplexes can move forward quickly. Land use permits are already established.

The  communal house  – 3 bedroom/2 bath, large sala and dining room, large kitchen, laundry room, all fully-equipped, storage room, garage/workshop/studio apartment is located in a eucalyptus forest ecological zone on a mountain ridge overlooking the city on one side and the Presa Soledad (reservoir) on the other. There is ample land to build cottages in an eco-friendly cluster and leave plenty of room for gardens and the natural landscape. Twenty minutes to city center by car, 40 minutes to international airport (BJX), 50 minutes to large city (Leon).

Guanajuato is the state capital, a major university town, and a Unesco World Heritage Site.  The Festival Internacional Cervantino, hosted annually in October,  is the largest international arts festival in Latin America.  Guanajuato has a small, but active expat community, a full-time professional symphony orchestra,  museums, a vibrant arts scene, good restaurants, beautiful theaters,  and colonial architecture. The climate is moderate: high desert with warm days and cool nights. Visit this link for a general description and introduction to the city:   https://internationalliving.com/countries/mexico/guanajuato-mexico/

For more photos and information, please  reply through ic.org  or e-mail [email protected]  You can find us on Facebook  under Guanajuato Cohousing Project.https://web.facebook.com/groups/154745301831766/ It’s a closed group, so you’ll be asked to answer a couple of preliminary questions before an admin. can approve your request to join. It’s really the best way to learn our history, get the most up-to-date progress reports, read essential documents, and to discuss the project with other interested people.  Thanks!


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