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Who Will Tell the People?

Knowledgebase > Who Will Tell the People?


by Rebecca Campbell


A new day breaking from the West
Defies the ages past –
The dawning of democracy
Throughout the earth at last.
When hope climbs high
To cloudless skies
Among those long oppressed
By systems of subservience
That freedom might redress –

Who will tell the people
That America is not
The shining city on the hill
They in their dreams had sought.
The septic seed of corporate greed
Depreciates our lot —
The land of freedom is not free,
But can be cheaply bought.

Who will tell the people
To awake from patriot dreams,
And see with newly opened eyes
Their leaders’ sordid schemes.
We cover rank corruption
So often with the flag,
The standard of our country
Has become a filthy rag.

Who will tell the people
That the culture they import
Of fast food chains and fighter planes
Fertile customs will abort.
The glamor that they clamor for
Is the habit of the whores
Who sell their souls to meet sales goals
On a binge for ever more.

Who will ask the people
Who governs in their land —
The body of the citizens,
Or the market’s hidden hand?
When money talks so loudly
It drowns the public voice,
The answer lies in questions
That will ask of us a choice.

I will tell the people
That America is we,
And that eternal vigilance
Is the price of liberty.
The Bill of Rights has faded,
And the Liberty Bell has cracked –
We once again in liberty
A new nation must enact.

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