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Villages in the Sky

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Villages in the Sky

From ICWiki

Villages in the Sky (VIS) is a set of air festivals hosted at intentional communities. These festivals typically use tree houses and wind turbines as part of their structure. In October 2009 the first “test festival” (aka “Testival”) was launched at Acorn Community were a dozen tree houses and a zip line had been constructed. In June 2010 there will be a larger VIS festival at East Wind Community.

The Mission Statement for Villages in the Sky is:

The Mission

Villages in the Sky is a family friendly festival celebrating the power of the air. VIS often partners with existing intentional communities and aims to develop new eco-villages at festival sites. We build tree houses, windmills, and other infrastructure in co-operation with local organizers. VIS is an internally cash-free event, a volunteer ethic, promoting renewable energy use, and advancing sustainable building techniques.

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