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Shafted with the Shod

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Shafted with the Shod

went where our dreams craft
sinking with our sinking pride
sunken feelings
sunken hopes
its a shim-sham sucking big shaft
everyone runnin for the fun free ride
what’s the leftovers inside

we’re drowning in a empty shitwad
time to toss soul-sucking cold trash
we’re shafted with the shod
left with worthless crap and dead cash
payment from a false neon green god
whose lights burn feed away bright
against our souls darker sight

wake-it-up smell get some life
yank back talents yield skill
feelings return
hopes return
return devotion of parents, husband, and wife
by puking out whats made us ill
we seize strong will

we’re shafted with the shod
total crap, crud, buying cash
lets give it all the total thumbs-down nod
standby cheer-up encore the crash
echoing down around this shod-a-demigod
the power flows there
within our souls love open bare
to give the shod to the shaft

by Mark Borcherding
written August 1994
submitted September 1997


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