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Senior cohousing

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Senior cohousing

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Note: Senior cohousing and Elder cohousing are two different names for the same basic idea… cohousing for people in the last phase(s) of their lives. Whether or not linked to a particular age-range, these people are often characterized as having typically ended the primary parenting phase of their lives… they are empty-nesters, who have often begun shifting their attention from career development and supporting a family of children to other endeavors.

In the U.S., attention to these communities was stimulated, part, by release of the book Senior Cohousing, authored by Chuck Durrett, one of the authors of Cohousing, the book that introduced the cohousing concept from Denmark to the U.S.

Neshama Abraham and Zev Paiss, cohousing consultants in Boulder who run workshops about elder cohousing (and who respectively served on the board of and helped found what became Coho/US, started another national cohousing network that also addresses this subject, the Elder Cohousing Network.

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