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Rob Sandelin

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Rob Sandelin

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Rob Sandelin is a community activist living in Sharingwood Cohousing. He was particularly active in the cohousing movement during the late 90’s, providing facilitating training and working with a variety of forming and established cohousing communities. Since then, Rob has largely turned his attention to environmental education. Rob was also a NICA board member and continues to be active online communicator via Cohousing-L.

Rob wrote the book Cohousing Resource Guide, which he distributed in print and electronic form for several years. Much of this text was converted into a set of web pages which were the basis for the NICA Resource pages on its soon-to-be retired flat HTML website. Some of these pages were among the most heavily used intentional community reference web pages. It is Rob’s understanding and hope that his source material will morph into even more useful content as it is collaboratively edited to better meet the intentional community movement’s needs.

In 2000, Rob was co-guest editor with Michael McIntyre of Communities magazine #106 which was the first Cohousing theme focus for the publication.

by Craigragland 20:52, June 16, 2007 (CDT)

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