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RNC-Next Steps

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RNC:Next Steps

From ICWiki

Document from the FIC Regional Networking Committee


Next steps and target dates

List brainstormed by Fred & Geoph 9/21/2006:

asap Craig talk with Tony about a RegNet ad in the print directory,
. . . . . possibly also online.

09/27 Geoph edit minutes from 9/5-7/06 already posted on wiki
[I took a stab at this. There were parts i couldn’t make sense of, so there are still some not very useful incoherencies included. -Geoph]

10/08 Fred draft article or column for Cmag on Local/Regional activity

10/01 Craig contact Michael McIntyre re creating NICA website
. . . . . as model for other groups

10/01 Raines revise wiki to make clear
. . . . . regional networkers are not FIC spokespeople

10/15 Divide up list of potential networkers now listed on wiki; initiate contact

10/15 Fred+Craig draft handout for using the video to generate dialogues

10/25 Cmtee needs to develop its 5-yr strategic plan with goals & objectives
. . . . . Fred is our point person for laying out a process to create it

03/01 Draft complete for 5-yr strategic plan, send out for review

RNC Packet

The following list needs committee members who will research and submit the necessary content for the LRC packets. Some of these are already being worked on as indicated by the names attached to them. Their progress can be seen by going to the RNC:RNC Packet

  • 1.1 FIC Vision & Mission Statement (GEOPH) – done.
  • 1.2 RNC Vision & Mission Statement (in RNC job description)
  • 1.3 RNC Goals/Tasks (in RNC job description)
  • 1.4 Community Dialog Packet (GEOPH)-original materials submitted by Geoph who is now asking for feedback.
How to Run a Community Dialogue
Cover Letter
Promotional Flyer
Participant Form
  • 1.5 Guidelines for Local Regional Coodinators
    • Online Resources
    • FIC Web sites (CRAIG) – 1-1-’06
    • Sharing FIC information, e.g. FIC mailing lists (CRAIG) – Got basic info, needs discussion
    • FIC Events, e.g. Past FIC Events, FIC Events Committee (FRED) – 1-10-’06
    • FIC Org Meetings (FRED) – done
    • FIC Organizarional Structure – (FRED) – done
  • 1.6 List of Current FIC Projects, upcoming Events (Ma’ikwe)
  • 1.7 FIC brochures for products (UNASSIGNED)
  • 1.8 FIC services (UNASSIGNED)
  • 1.9 Fundraising Efforts (UNASSIGNED)
  • 1.10 History (LOTUS)
  • 1.11 Directory (UNASSIGNED)
  • 1.12 Regional Maps (UNASSIGNED)

Some Loose Ends

Next conference call

None pending at this time [9/21/06]

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