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RNC-Community dialog promotional flyer

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RNC:Community dialog promotional flyer

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Document from the FIC Regional Networking Committee

(This text was all centered in the original flyer,
in various font sizes and forms of italics, bold, etc.)



What Would Help You Create More Community in Your Life?

Come to a Community Dialog
to explore these and other questions!

(This is where event place & time go)

If you’d like to participate, registering in advance is helpful but not required.

To sign up, get directions, or find out more information, please contact:

(Contact person & contact info)

Community Dialogs are sponsored by the the Foundation for Intentional Community. FIC is a focal point for people across North America who are interested in community living. Best known as the publisher of the popular Communities Directory, FIC also creates the quarterly Communities magazine, runs the intentional community web site (, puts on conferences, operates a loan fund, and assists groups with consensus and other processes.

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