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RNC-5-Year Strategic Plan

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RNC:5-Year Strategic Plan

From ICWiki

Document from the FIC Regional Networking Committee

The first step in the planning process is to brainstorm what you will see happening over the next 5 years. After we have given ourselves sufficient time (3 weeks) for brainstorming, we will gestalt these elements into 4 – 7 arenas and name each arena (1 week). Next, we will identify what we see as the limiting restraints as a way of bringing realism to our planning (2 weeks). Then we will set realistic goals and specific objectives for each arena to be accomplished over a 5-year period and the objectives for the first year (6 weeks).


Brainstorm of vision elements

  1. NICA website in conjunction with FIC website, created as model for other regions/networks.
  2. Identify and recruit networkers to host networking events.
  3. Create power point presentation on IC’s for showing at conferences, e.g. Bioneers, and regional gatherings.
  4. Publish networking articles on website, C-mag and FIC Newsletter.
  5. Utilize FIC wiki for regional networking .
  6. Collaborate with other organizations for effective regional networking, e.g. CohoUS.
  7. Create repository of local/regional activities and resources that can be easily accessed.
  8. Use, evaluate and revise Community Dialogue packet.
  9. Develop ‘Visions of Utopia” Dialogue packet.

Proposed Vision Arenas and Associated Brainstorm Elements

  • Increase FIC regional website accessability and functionality (#1, 5, 7)
  • Identify, recruit, train, support and mentor regional networkers (#2, 4)
  • Develop effective communication tools and IC resources for networking events and local gatherings (#3, 7, 8, 9)
  • Promote FIC and cooperative living through collaboration with allied organizations, e.g. Bioneers, Coho US, NICA (#6)

Limiting Constraints, Challenges, Contradictions Brainstorm

  1. Low priority, no sense of urgency
  2. Lack of face to face contact with potential regional networkers limits sense of trust & commitment
  3. No accountability or consequences to inaction of committee and its members.
  4. Organizational fears of FIC being inappropriately represented constrains committee’s willingness to act.
  5. Committee has lost earlier enthusiasm
  6. Committee convenor ineffective in eliciting/sustaining committee action.

Proposed Strategic Objectives:

  1. Create a Visions of Utopia dialogue packet and promote its use.
  2. Prepare an article for C-Mag/Website on local and regional networking.
  3. Prepare a power point presentation on intentional communities that can be used for presentations in conferences, e.g. Bioneers.
  4. Submit proposals and do at least 20 presentations at local and regional events over the next 5 years.
  5. Complete the regionalizing capability of the FIC website using NICA (NW Region) as a prototype and add 4 more over the next 5 years.
  6. Identify, recruit and train and equip at least 6 local/regional networkers over the next 5 years.

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