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RNC-2006-04-07 Meeting Notes (Madison Org Mtg)

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RNC:2006-04-07 Meeting Notes (Madison Org Mtg)

From ICWiki

Document from the FIC Regional Networking Committee

Notes on Regional Networking Committee discussions and plenary sessions relating to the topic at the FIC Org meeting in Madison, WI, April 7-9, 2006

note-takers: Vince, Raines, Fred

  • Friday RNC meeting
  • Friday RNC Report to full group
  • Sunday RNC meeting
  • Sunday RNC Report to full group

Friday RNC meeting at Phoenix House, MCC:

Proposed Agenda:

  • LRC Selection
  • Guidance when LRCs need to consult with FIC
  • Guidelines/bounaries of LRC
  • Wiki conversation – how is it working for us?
  • Acronym/name for committee – RNC or something else?
  • Multi-regional collaboration
  • Check-in/sharing what’s going on locally
  • Geographical parameters

LRC Selection brainstorming

  • Able and willing
  • FIC Membership (individually or as part of org that is a member)
  • Professionalism – track record and interpersonal skills
  • Community dialog experience
  • Is living in community?
  • References

We had a long discussion on getting started with the Community Connector concept – not waiting for board to approve LRC’s. Formalization can come in phase two.

Friday RNC Report to full group

(see official minutes when they area available)

Sunday RNC meeting

Present: Fred, Geoph, Raines, Mai’ikwe, Vince, Megan, Highwinds cmty guests (Belden and Lisa Paulsen) from near Milwaukee

Main feedback from Friday:

  • include mechanisms – implementation steps
  • IC listing maintenance/policies (removal/revising), role of others
  • talk about role of wiki in our operations, adding help up front
  • when and who to consult FIC proper
  • boundaries regarding the role of LRCs
  • manual/packet needs introduction

We’ll probably get more feedback, but maybe after we move forward with the above.

What are we asking the board to approve?
To test the manual and the model of empowering some community connectors. A big shift in our energy, separating the LRC approval process/representation issue from our core help-people-do-the-work function.

People are promoting community – we are providing some tools and approaches.
We are also setting up an information exchange hub: wiki plus listserv. Eventually to move to FIC’s new wiki hub, providing a way to share what’s going on around the country – to cross-fertilize local/regional activity.

Potential pilot Community Connectors to try this out with:

  • Shannon Binns (Fred) – BCICA – to AOC (British Columbia)
  • ___ (Austin, TX) – prior to 07 AoC (suggested by Geoff)
  • Dee Clarke (Fred) – New England
  • Ann Zabaldo (Raines) – Mid-Atlantic Cohousing
  • Liz Walker – Ithaca EcoVillage
  • David Siebolt – Ann Arbor

Ask InReach! Definitely they’ll be involved in ID’ing LRC. Approval process styled after NomCom.

Our plan: Launch in June

Next Steps: What do we need to launch this grassroots communities movement:

  • Get more online feedback about who packet goes to
  • Rewrite online to have Community Connectors, disclaimer that they are not official FIC reps.
  • Approval of plan & manual by ERB
  • Publication of FIC literature – flyers, etc.
  • RNC wiki site on FIC’s website
  • An article in the next newsletter that announces what we are doing and invites members who are interested to contact us.
  • An article that highlights what’s going on in the Northwest – prior to the AoC

Wiki functions: We talked about how we communicate

  • Privacy
  • Familiarity
  • Finality

Name Change:
We batted around RegNet, Regional Networking Group (RNG), some other options

Conference call: Date set 7May; backup 14May

Sunday RNC Report to full group

  • Community Connectors plan approved
  • Newsletter (late May) to feature regional networking
  • Wiki to site
  • Continue training/conversations about how to help people feel connected if they are not on the wiki active.

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