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RNC-2005-12-10 Meeting Notes (RNC Conference Call)

Knowledgebase > RNC-2005-12-10 Meeting Notes (RNC Conference Call)

RNC:2005-12-10 Meeting Notes (RNC Conference Call)

From ICWiki

Document from the FIC Regional Networking Committee

Facilitator: Fred

Scribe: Geoph

In Attendance: Fred, Ma’ikwe (with Ananda), Vince, Raines (at a holiday open house at The Crucible, a noisy environment, so he’s mostly on mute), Lotus, Geoph, Craig, Bill

Sent Regrets: Kip,

[Original agenda posted after these minutes.]

Ma’ikwe does not have web access currently. Vince came up with a laptop so he could join in on the show & tell.

Kudos to Craig for creating this site … so thoroughly and comprehensively. Yeah!!!

The “Recent Changes” feature (in the left NavBar) shows most recent activity. Any of us can add or change any content at any time … so that has some risk as well as lots of advantage. Anybody on the web can access and change our pages. We could also consider having passwords that act as a wall, and once a person gets over the wall they would have full access.

If someone edits a page while you are looking at it, you need to “refresh” your browser window in order to view the changes. After a change is made, it is also easy to change the page back to how it was in any earlier configuration … the system keeps an archive of all changes.

What we’re looking at here is a mini wiki, not a full wiki. This is just a test host site, and we can do it on any site that supports wikis. Craig suggests we wait for now, and decide later what/where we want to do. We may ask Tony to set up a wiki for us on the site, however Raines and Craig thought it best to hold off on that for now, and only do it if we’re really sure that we want to do it.

Craig gave us a mini tour of the site, and used Lotus’ last entry as an example, looking at the previous edits using the “hist” button.” If a user is not logged in, the IP address shows up rather than the user’s name, so it’s generally better to work on our pages when logged in–so everyone can tell who edited what. Craig walked us through some editing steps, and he will post some useful links on our “Edit/Help” page so that the rest of us can get up to speed on wikis (or at least improve our wiki skills).

Geoph asks: This wiki tour has been fun and informative, but we have only 15 minutes left in this call … should we shift over to some of the other topics on our agenda? [Yes.]

Lotus led us through the list Craig posted based on her previously emailed brainstorm.

FIC Vision & Mission: Geoph will locate these documents in his archives and upload to the wiki where this placeholder is … uh … holding place.

Cmty Dialogue Packets: Geoph will post this on the wiki asap, in text form, without any corrections or updating. We can collectively edit it using the wiki technology.

Guidelines for Local Regional Coodinators:
• Web site, RNC hub/RNC networker contacts

   Craig may crank something out to post about this.

• Sharing of information — FIC mailing lists, etc.

  Anyone willing to pay for the labels can access it.
  We need to post something about how to access that option, 
  who to contact, etc.

• Events Committee & Contacts …and…
• Org Meetings, Committee Lists

   It would be good to list some info about FIC
   Explain: How do we do our org meetings?
   Post our committee lists and the "grape" diagram
   [Craig points out that it's quite out of date.]
   Geoph will cue Oversight that the grape diagram needs to be updated.

• Positions we are Seeking to fill in the org

  Somebody on our cmtee needs to be a liaison with Personnel and Inreach 
  in order to stay up-to-date on what is open and needed.

• Inreach Cmte, FIC Culture

  No one on either of these committees is on RegNet or this wiki. We need to either interface with these folks (or Geoph asks: invite them to log onto the wiki and add that info here?)

Lotus has talked to Harvey about the FIC history piece, and she is also interested in putting together a binder with hard copy. (To have available for orienting new folks at gatherings etc?) Lotus wants to know: How do we go from having info on this wiki, to having the info posted on our website in downloadable format, to getting it all into hard copy and into the binder? How do we keep everything current?

Next cmtee conf call:
Consider Sat, Jan 14th, at same time as this call. Bill noted that Saturdays can be pretty hectic … is some other day possible? We will confirm this via email.



RNC Wiki Workspace Demo (Craig)

Craig will give conference attendees a guided tour of the basic features of this wiki.

Tour Stops

Philosophy of Wikis (Raines)

Websites can be more than static flat brochures. Think of this as a collaboratory community. There are no barriers to anyone contributing and changing any page or adding new ones. But don’t worry, you can see what’s changed and go in and make corrections yourself and “roll it back” to earlier versions, compare… the entire history is there.

RNC Packet Review (Lotus)

We will review the RNC:RNC Packet materials. This Lotus had emailed out, that Craig had converted into wiki pages.

Calendar/Reporting on FIC website/newsletter(s) (Fred)

The intent of this agenda item is to explore how to highlight events that are happening locally and regionally so that we have a way of knowing and learning from what’s happening across the continent. It may be local or regional events sponsored by an individual or an organization like NICA, or it may be events sponsored by IC’s. NICA had an event on Dec. 2nd that is posted []. The Goodenough Community had a great holiday celebration that was open to the public, but was not posted. How do we encourage IC’s to use the website for this promotional purposes.

How do we get people excited about doing local events. One way is to report on successful events as they happen. Another is to suggest events that can be done locally, like showing the video “Visions of Utopia” followed by a conversation. I think we need to experiment locally with different types of events and share our learnings.

Regional Events (??)

Sep-06 NW Communities Event

What a Trip

  • “What a Trip” Planning – this was a proposed tour that was later dropped

Strategies for identifying, screening, and recruiting LRC’s and connecting with existing organizations/networks. (Fred)

The intent of this agenda item was to encourage us to add to the Regional Community Networks list. Are there other networks active or forming? Are there individuals that we need to list who are acting as LRC’s. Maybe we need to create a list of potential LRC’s. How do we move towards geographical coverage.

Next conference call (how about Jan. 14?)

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