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RNC-2005-11-06 Meeting notes (RNC at LA Ecovillage)

Knowledgebase > RNC-2005-11-06 Meeting notes (RNC at LA Ecovillage)

RNC:2005-11-06 Meeting notes (RNC at LA Ecovillage)

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  • Inter-organizational concerns
  • Inner-org
  • web
  • interpersonal
  • FIC-cre pkgs
  • self-organizing RLCs
  • trng
  • mem pkts
  • reg role in FIC proj: dev, mem dev, cmag, dir

Facilitator: Fred

Minutes: Raines

Present: Raines Cohen, Fred Lanphear, Geoph (2d half), Vince, Bill
Z., Xanthia, Craig Ragland, Mai’kwe (middle half), Somatoon [sp?]

  • = flag as task for someone]


  • Vince to email his individual contributions to the RNC list
  • all: participate/contribute: post on the RIC list
  • [Lotus/Geoph]: Ask FIC depts for their list of items for possible inclusion in pkts
  • Raines: Set a date, send it out, confirm for conf. call
  • Everybody: use the tools we’ve got.
  • Geoph: put his events on our site
  • Raines: Bill Becker: have conf line can schedule, 12/10.
  • Raines [delegated to Craig]: Set up wiki private space. Check with Tony if can go up on [w/Craig] [we decided not to put what could be a big thing on Tony’s plate, start it outside before we create new work for Tony that distracts from our/the org’s higher priorities]
  • Vince: post your list on the mail list
  • Craig: port his content to the wiki
  • Raines: brief report to full group
  • Raines: MAC and twin oaks, talk about DC green fest experience

FIC-created packets: what’s to be included?

Fred: Lotus offered to take lead, wants input on what we want
included, how do we participate?

How do we effectively do this work as a committee? Do we just
delegate it or is there some way of doing it collectively by email?

The point of the packets is to get people interested in whatever
people have to offer

Bill Z: In Eugene, many ex-FIC folks… many others interested in
localizing NICA, FIC – we have to hook their interests to what FIC/
NICA bring to the table

Fred: As a local coordinator, what should be in a packet?

How should it resonate with what they’re interested in.

Craig: Many will say – I believe in community, but its not where
they’re at. In general support someone who is self-declaring about
whanting to do something in IC space.
Ex. how do we make Vince more effective since he is involved in promo IC stuff

Bill Z: Lost Valley, right next to Eugene. They’re passionate,
they’re living. Don’t feel passion, draw to FIC. Individuials have

Fred: In ID’ing LRC’s – looking for “burning souls” for region or
local area.
Craig: Our community is like that, too.

Lotus – on our cmtee, at The Farm. Had offered to take the lead in
doing that.
Preparing a list of existing material that may be relevant for
inclusion in a packet.

Vince: send our individual contributions to our list? [Vince, Geoph,
both ofcs have them]

  • Vince to email to list

Craig: Do we want to set a deadline, and ask for someone else to take
on? There’s not been much response to things at times
Fred: How do we hold ourselves accountable to things we’ve taken on?
Status report? Dates?
Vince: Backups

Craig: Model from last night? (8 shields). Inner circle, demo’ing
thru actions, participating.

Fred: There’s some real skepticism on the part of the board [etc.] as
to whether we can make anything happen at the regional level. There
have been gestures in the past, and nothing happens. Somehow we have
to demonstrate what we can do.
Craig: That’s true of all things FIC that are not directly embraced
by staff. Talk, with possible action.

  • all: participate/contribute: post on the RNC list

Craig: our original goal: accomplishments w/packet by this mtg.
What’s the next natural milestone?

Raines: Our next phone mtg?

Craig: a month from now. Have an inventory of possible documents for
inclusion on this pkt.

  • [Lotus/Geoph]: Ask FIC depts for their list of items for possible

inclusion in regional packets

  • Raines: Set a date, send it out, confirm for conf. call

role of regions in funneling info fm local cmties re mem status, data

re packet
end goal: packet run through ERB = Editorial Review Board
But all items already reviewed mostly
extra piece: how it to be used.

geographic element: cut on FIC data, mailing list, etc.
[discussions about trade-off of effectiveness of data cut local vs.
larger regional, population densities]

Fred: a Q of intent
regional/local role in terms of taking initiative to work w/cmties to
update info, to supt FIC efforts to get more cmties, into mem status
what is our intent?

enrolling existing cmties
vince: promo FIC first, get material to people.
Mai’ikwe: reach thru existing cmties. That’s how I’ve made the best
As far as I know I’m the only person in New Mexico who’s active
particular cmties have shown up on the radar
we have cmties in the directory
so there’s that level of involvement

Raines: Geoph slideshow upcoming in the bay area – not listed?

  • Everybody: use the tools.
  • Geoph: put it on our site

NICA event 12/2 songaia evening – public event

Fred: NICA creating a model. Make it replicable.

Raines: Spectrum from seeking cmty to being involved w/FIC to
regional netoworing.
Craig: NICA board de-emphasize membership, be a small working force,
has the blessing of independence, energy and $ from FIC
in some ways serving FIC realtive to membership
rlettting FIC do the databasing, the dirty work.
its still independent, can act autonomoously. and has history and

Fred: FIC endorses that approach. doesn’t want to set up chapters.

new BC grp – similar to NICA.

Raines: Additional regional efforts happening. Sally Wright –
Mai’ikwe: Stop thinking about state lines. Think about bioregions.
Vince. LA connection.
[vince shows his map]

Raines: it’s not either/or: state vs bioregional

Raines: there’s not autonomy, authority, exclusivity
Craig: intention to make investment into FIC websapaces for any other
region to use freely.
we’ve had conversations about mapping capabiliitesis. Perhaps NICa
peroviding supt to FIC.

Raines: Bay Area would match that kidn of investment
Mai’ikwe: Do we need each regional networking grp to take the same
approach to all of this?
ex. NICA established vs. Mai’ikwe getting started in Southwest

Craig: We’re creating a resource that is generic and freely
available. Tool

raines: example: directory: database a tool for coordinators to
become editors, update cmty listings and see the back end as they do
their work.

Fred: ID/cre potential LRCs. fill in gaps in reports.

[back to packet-creation item]
Geoph: get list fm personnel of who’s on what cmtee, ask each
convenor for docs.

  • Raines: Bill Becker: have conf line can schedule, 12/10.

Craig: 13-14 existing LRC-type orgs: networks of organizations. some
look a lot like IC’s. Ex. BC cooperative network, 250 buildings that
are legally cooperatives.
NYC 2200 in assn.

Geoph: Our role to approach them?
Craig: Some very diff orgs managing community-related things

Fred: as we create these local packets, some may be designed for
esxisting networks.

Craig: it seems like rich potential for recruitment to FIC
some %age of them have got to be hidden IC’s that are not visible,
not engaged

[Eugene]: “coop” as legal maneuver. Some are more intentional.
Craig: Requests dialog on that. “cohousing san diego” – listed as a
cmty in dir, same for 2-3 other cmty networks. We need to figure out
what we’re doing in that space.

Fred: When an email goes out, we need to respond. When you get
nothing back.

Craig: When cross-threads, do msgs get read? wikis? A web page anyone
can edit?
Vince: OK if core-group thing.

  • Raines: Set up wiki private space. Check with Tony if can go up on [w/Craig]

Q: Has the FIC ever agreed on criteria for determining whether a cmty
is intentional?
A: Yes. [discuss details offline]

Raines: Excited about events DB, etc. adding regional element
Craig: Tony’s willing if energy flows there
Geoph: He can do test sites on the site easiliy

Fred: As we get packets ready, relative to empowering local regional
corordinators, wow do we move towards ID’ing, recxruiting, having
criteria as to who they are, what their role would be – the
coordinators themselves. Dunno what the timeline would be?
how do we get FIC to be comfortable to either say yes we enddorse/
empower you to do this on behalf of FIC

does FIC recognize, promote them as a regional coordinator? Anyone
can say anything. Does FIC provide that person with access to any
info thats’s not public. Do they get traffic/people sent to them?
Geoph: Mentors model?

Vince: reg coords = liaisons w/Fic directly, at org mtgs, in
communications. and local networking: net w/reg coord.

craig: on ideal level, almost anyone who touches fic would become a
local liaison.
they are bringing the fic msg to anyone they connect w/ who makes
sense to do so

vince: we don’t want 100 people coming to the org mgts

Raines: issues of access, feedback loops

mailing list: separate contract.

Craig: set some thresholds
At the very least you have to be an FIC member
Geoph: we sell our list now. key issue is misrepresentation
Dan: issue of rpesenting themselves as rep

we sell labels of those who said it was OK to release to like-minded
we have said no to ppl who we thought were not appropriate

also used by FIC to co-sponsor an event and help things happen

Raines: regional networking to better raise a flag

  • Vince: post your talking-topics list on the RNC email list
  • Craig: port his content to the wiki
  • Raines: brief report to full group

Filling in the geographic gaps
Geoph: on wiki, ID grps, someo of us will know ppl in the se grps,
contact them

  • Raines: MAC and twin oaks, talk about DC green fest experience

cmty conferences at tiwn oaks, the farm – do we have access? Yes.
Have we? Probably not yet, we should.

Craig: model how reg coord can access all that info. Maybe have geoph
give a preso somewhere, model what is it we would do around promoting
that preso
x. regional event – right now, up to each indvidual totally up to
them. is there something we can do to help create and support that?
Vince: reporting format? If I had one it would help me to prepare
better for the next one.
Craig: structural. Right now – just post info on a website.
Hwo do we get it so it’s not hidden? Lists of resources. cmag
subscribers, that kind.


easier, more mappable paths to engagement

Geoph: further mtg?

Craig: more human connection, to give us more effectiveness.
Vince: plan to spend $100 on assembling packets, $200 donated from
Vince’s regional effort.

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