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RNC-2005-09-05 Brainstorm meeting notes (Fred & Craig)

Knowledgebase > RNC-2005-09-05 Brainstorm meeting notes (Fred & Craig)

RNC:2005-09-05 Brainstorm meeting notes (Fred & Craig)

From ICWiki

Document from the FIC Regional Networking Committee

Location: Songaia Community, Fred’s home office

In attendance: Fred Lanphear, Craig Ragland

We stepped through the Regional Networking Committee Job Description and discussed ways to progress on most components…

  • Identify and build list of existing, self-organized “LRCs”
    • Identify people who are currently organizing on a local/regional level
    • Web searching, List mining
    • Tapping FIC cultural knowledge
    • Tapping knowledge of other IC organizations
  • Training
    • Prepare training – what is it?
      • Use FIC Resources
        • How to get FIC stuff to local people
        • Directory
          • Finding unlisted communities in region
          • Get unlisted communities listed, as appropriate
          • Helping Communities/Seekers learn about and use FIC resources
          • Helping to keep directory records for communities in region up-to-date
        • Magazine/Newsletter/Website (reach, classifieds, calendar)
          • How to submit local news
          • Writing guidelines for different publications
          • Submitting materials
        • Book store
        • Publications
      • Create/support gatherings
      • Develop/maintain mailing list of interested parties for region
    • Invite prospects to training – remote or in person?
    • Train prospects to be LRCs – do you have to be trained to be one?
  • FIC-created packages of LRC documents and resources
    • Free Package
      • Mailing lists from Communities Directory & Magazine & Membership & Bookstore & newsletter (which ones?)
      • Free Publications for distribution
      • How To materials for activities requested of LRCs
        • LRC web page editing access and instructions
      • Ala Carte Options
        • Publications for sale (profits to be kept)
  • Communications and meetings
    • Maintenance/management/use of regional mailing lists, listServs, etc.
    • Meeting planning and hosting
    • Outreach for events, etc.
    • Other forms of communications, e.g. blogs, etc. (see NICA ONLINE)
    • Consultation on use of FIC resources
  • Two-way communications between FIC and Communities
    • FIC trains LRCs access/use FIC resources
    • LRC helps people access/use FIC resources

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