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From ICWiki

Quink is a term used to mean an activity which suddenly and positively transforms someones life. It is often, slightly imprecisely, defined as “the opposite of trauma”. It can be either induced by external events or brought on by someones own internal thinking or feelings.

Usage Quink can be used both as a verb and a noun. Thus it is proper to say “He quinked me” And “Summer Camp was my quink”

Purpose The word has been coined to place a name on an activity which many believe is part of creating a new and more positive culture. If we start talking about how to quink each other, this may aid us in manifesting these positive transformations and seeing them as something both desirable and accessible.

Attribution The first attributed usage of the word is credited to Tobias Kempf (known previously as Frodo). An ex-member of Twin Oaks Community and currently living in community outside of ZEGG in Berlin.

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