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CID – Communities in Dialog

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Unlike the larger FIC network, there are quite difficult restrictions to joining the FEC (the Federation of Egalitarian Communities).  Specifically, the FEC requires full income sharing (though not asset sharing) and a commitment on the part of the community to take care of all of the needs of the members from pooled income.  Beyond this there are commitments to holding land in common and using some type of internal labor system in which work is evaluated equally and members obligation to the community is satisfied by the labor they do (either inside the community from cottage industries or outside in a “straight job’).

Thus some communities who are interested in ultimately being part of the FEC but are not able to make all of the steep requirements go through an intermediary step of being a Community in Dialog or CID.  CIDs are interested in becoming part of the FEC, they are recognized by the FIC as to being in tis role, they are not full members of the FEC, but they can come ot meetings, use some collective resources and pay half of the regular member dues.  As of this writing (May 2015) the only CID is Living Energy Farm in Virginia.

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