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Paxus Calta

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Paxus Calta


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Paxus Calta is a current member of Twin Oaks Community and Acorn Community. He has also been active in campaigns against nuclear power, and in energy-saving projects. He is also intermittently active with the near by Acorn Community in recruting and marketing for the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange business. He is the principal organizer for the Contagious Tales project, which is an effort to jointly author memetic fiction works promoting altruism.

Calta also claims to be the co-director of the Emma Goldman Institute for Theoretical and Applied Funology. [No relation to the community Emma Goldman Finishing School.] There are no known references to this apparently fictitious institution and these claims appear highly dubious.

He is the author of the polyamory fingerbook called With Open Hands which has been translated into 6 languages and with he facilitates Honest Seduction workshops.


  • Essay: “Not Deterred,” in The Impossible Will Take a Little While Longer, ed. by Paul Roger Loeb, Basic Books, 2004.[1], text
  • “Dangerous Deceptions: Techniques used by the Western Nuclear lobby and Eastern Governments to promote Nuclear Power,” by Honza Beranek and Paxus Calta, in Lessons of Chernobyl Reader. text
  • (On a New Year without war) text


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