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Online resources

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There are a variety of online resources available of interest to intentional communities… many of them are hosted right here at This article describes relevant online resources broadly.

Email-based lists


Email Mailing Lists

IC Non-Profit Developers

  • James Ministries provides affordable housing and employment resources to at risk populations while building an infrastructure to develop Intentional Communities that are sustainable and incorporate elements of universal design in order to nuture its residents.

Public Web-based Intentional Community Discussions

  •’s IC tribe – dialog, photos, and listings with some similarities to the FIC REACHbook and the Events Calendar, but it also supports direct interchange between interested parties. Includes rich support for individual profiles, i.e., personal home pages).

IC Photo Sites

Inspiration for Community

  • Jean Vanier – In 1964, inspired by his belief that community can change the world, Jean Vanier founded Faith and Light, a worldwide movement of annual retreats where people from all walks of life are welcome.
  • Eberhard Arnold – Bruderhof Founder – Eberhard Arnold founded the Bruderhof communities in 1920, in his native Germany. With Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as a blueprint, he and a handful of friends formed a Christian community grounded in prayer, fellowship, nonviolence, and reverence for life.

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