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NICA, the Northwest Intentional Community Association, is a non-profit organization which connects people interested in intentional community across the Pacific Northwest. NICA is supported entirely by donations – mostly from people who attend events, which are held in different locations in the Northwest… although mostly in the Puget Sound at established communities. Its annual summer gathering alternates between Washington and Oregon communities.

NICA has been an active network of people interested in community (mostly community members) for about 15 years, sponsoring many different events, including evening presentations, day-long workshops, and weekend gatherings. NICA routinely partners with other networks – it collaborated with both FIC and Coho/US on two large projects in 2006 and will continue partnering, both with Community networks and established communities in the NW. Most NICA events are very inexpensive (or free, requesting free-will donations).

NICA’s success is due, in large part, to the stalwart, consistent efforts of Nancy and Fred Lanphear, two of the founders of Songaia Cohousing Community. Fred and Nancy were also among the founders of NICA. It is through their ongoing efforts that a steady stream of passionates have been looped in for a few years at a time to help nurture the organization. These passionates have included John Affolter, Jonathan Betz-Zall, Ben Kaufman, Syd Fredrickson, Rebecca LiaBratten, Rob Sandelin and Craig Ragland.

NICA and the IC Wiki

NICA is contributing quite a bit of intentional community written content from NICA’s web site to this wiki. The original NICA Resource pages were among the most heavily used intentional community reference pages on the web – they included the full text of a book on creating cohousing communities originally authored by Rob.

IC Wiki Articles from NICA website

Here are some of the many major articles that were part of the NICA website. Other content from NICA is in smaller pieces, scattered throughout the IC Wiki. NICA is pleased to help seed this wiki and hopes its growth will create an increasingly valued community resource and a virtual community of IC creatives.

  1. 7 steps to getting started
  2. Bringing new members into a forming group
  3. Common house design issues
  4. Community design – a group process
  5. Interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution
  6. Legal
  7. Locating and purchasing a site
  8. Making meetings fun
  9. Running effective meetings
  10. Many of the initial Sample legal documents – more have been added
  11. Working with government agencies

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NICA Website

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