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Naturwarte Mönne

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Naturwarte Mönne

From ICWiki

Naturwarte Mönne was a rural anarcho-communist community which existed from 1922 to 1925. It began as a “nature observation post” in an isolated area near Stettin, north Germany.



The project was started by a group of left-wing scientists, including the ex-Worpsweder, Paul Robien, a member of the FKAD (German Federation of Communist-Anarchists) who may also have been in the FAUD for a while.


Through organic vegetable gardening, they attempted to be self-sufficient. They had about 0.2 hectares of land, and started with just one spade. By building a drainage system, and with the use of compost, they were able to improve the soil quality noticeably while they were there. Like many other settlements in Germany at that time, they received many visitors, not all of whom were willing to help with the hard work that was necessary to keep the community going.


This was an anarcho-communist project, and the members were active against tax payment. They were also against registering with the police and against building regulations. They were largely autonomous, autarchic and outside the state system.


“Frühe Kommunen in Deutschland”, Gustav Heineke, Zündhölzchen Verlag, 1978.

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