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Mondragon cooperatives

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Mondragon cooperatives

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About Mondragon Cooperative Corporation:

Mondragon’s leaders created social inventions, created hybrid cooperatives, multi-level cooperatives and linked the growing number of cooperatives both directly with each other and through the general management structure of Mondragon Cooperative Corporation. “Their vision was not limited to the building of individual cooperatives. Rather, they were dedicated to developing a cooperative way of living and working. It was this vision that guided them to discover novel ways of solving the practical problems of organizational development.”

As of the end of 2004, Mondragon had over 200 companies, which were in over 20 countries and the total scope of operations was over 14 billion dollars. This growth was over 50 years and sprug from the actions of five graduate engineers who were making pariffin stoves for the poor population of the Mondragon area.

The vital lesson Mondragon has to teach us is that a worker-centric business can adapt and be financially successful and sustainable, even in the face of massive swings in political control and global competitive changes. The vitality is imparted by the workers, the resources they bring to the table and by the quality of management.

Mutual Aid Society of America (MASA) uses the Mondragon experiences as a model for a USA version of an intentional community which is formed along the lines of Mondragon and is consistent with most state laws. MASA is a two level organization consisting of limited liability partnerships. The top level provides technical assistance to the line production organizations. Such technical assistance includes legal, accounting, insurance, risk management, regulatory compliance, management advice, education and training on a broad scale and credit union services.



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This article is about how you can choose to become a member of MASA. Members are compatible with MASA’s mission and objectives. Once chosen MASA needs to continue to strengthen the bonds among our members by ethical means. Some of the considerations below may prompt discomfort because these considerations may challenge the existing order and seem to be at odds with the rest of society. Bear with us and withhold judgment until you have read deeply into the subject and had a chance to ask questions and agree with or challenge the assumptions, findings and recommendations contained in this paper.

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– A Make Or Break Imperative
By Jim Miller

Internal conflict, despite efforts to create and maintain the social glue, can destroy an organization or at a minimum, disrupt the flow of goods and services, not to mention social intercourse. Having a means of amicably settling disagreements among willing participants is vital. Settling disputes among unwilling participants is an even tougher job. Mechanisms for dispute resolution must be in place and agreed to at the formation of all entities and binding on all members as they join. Here, Mondragon’s experience with the strike of 1974 is a good lesson. The subject is so important, it is presented as this paper.


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