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Interkomm – Region Kassel

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Interkomm – Region Kassel

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Interkomm – Region Kassel

Interkomm – Region Kassel is the monthly german language „internal“ news bulletin that has been started with the aim of improving knowledge and understanding between the communities in the local network around Kassel. This is a network started by members of four egalitarian, Intentional Communities and communes in the region of south Niedersachsen and north Hessen, central Germany. The communities are between 3 and 15 kms from one another.

The four communities are:

„gASTWERKe“ Escherode, Niedersachsen

„Lossehof“ Oberkaufungen, Hessen

„Kommune Niederkaufungen“, Hessen

„Villa Locomuna“ Kassel

Gastwerke, Kommune NK and the Villa Locomuna are all members of the german Kommuja network of political communes.


The communities participate in a small number of shared cooperative enterprises, with members of one commune now sometimes working in another member commune. This is a new development. There is a time exchange system for some work done in one community by a member of another, but also sometimes cash flows.

The vegetable gardeners of gASTWERKe (wurzelwerke) and the Rote Rübe collective in Niederkaufungen work together and produce for Kassel’s CSA , SoLaWi – Solidarische
Landwirtschaftsgruppe für Kassel und Umgebung.

There is a quite a lot of helping out and Mutual Aid practised by many members of the network, helping each other out at parties, festivals and open days.

As well as holding regular network meetings, there have been film and discussion evenings and other social events.

With many of the members of all four communities being politically active there are a number of campaigns in which we work together. One example is in the movement to support and welcome refugees.

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