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Intentional community wikis

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Intentional community wikis

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There are a number of intentional community wikispaces on the web.


Wikipedia Articles=

These Wikipedia articles are particularly relevant to Intentional Communities. One way to support the movement is to help maintain these pages, keeping them relevant and current.

Wikicities Scratchpad

These two mini-wikis were created to assist two work groups explore the use of a wiki to support FIC activities.

Community Wikis

Some existing and forming communities are making use of wikis to support their communities. In theory this allows a larger number of participants to publish the community to the world.

  • Central Austin Cohousing
  • EcoReality — forming ecovillage in BC, Canada, much process stuff, including complete articles of incorporation as a BC Co-op.
  • SEEDS Ecovillage — inactive, voted at spring 2007 AGM to make the group dormant until fall 2007.

Community-related Wikis

This is the “other” category of community efforts which are also being deployed in wikispace.

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