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Income sharing

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Income sharing

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Income sharing:

Income sharing is one of the four main principles of the US “Federation of Egalitarian Communities” (egalitarianism, income sharing, co-operation and non-violence) and of many other egalitarian communities world wide.
Some communities have income sharing at the level of the whole group, others have income sharing by members of sub-groups. However, income sharing is no guarantee of complete equality in a community, as other factors such as patriarchal structures or racism may work against it.

Positive Aspects:

Income sharing is a way of breaking down economic inequalities withing a community. In communities where members work outside the community, it balances out the inequalities of different working conditions, income and stress. Often communards have very different jobs; some are self-employed, others are employees. Some are well paid, others less well paid. Some have greater job security, others are in precarious employment. Income sharing creates economic equality and security.

In communities where members work in communally owned businesses, it breaks down the inequalities which exist between the more successful enterprises and the ones which either only break even or need subsidising.

Income sharing is one economic form of Mutual Aid.

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