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This is the discussion page on the policy and procedures of ICWiki. Feel free to post questions/comments… Be sure to sign your work. -eric

Coding Things:

  1. Change look and feel to work with rest of Include navbars to get people back to rest of site
    • If you have a sample page with the new look and feel of the side, I can work on changing the wiki side to match. Will look at developing a custom skin, then can set the new skin as the default. You might also take a look at which is a gallery of skins that others have developed. There might be something there that you like, or at least provide example of what can be done.
      • We don’t have the new look and feel yet so just use the layout at The issue is that we have a left hand navbar which would interfere with the wiki’s desire to have one as well. In our new design I plan to hanve a top navbar to deal with just that problem. Alternately you could use the layout at if that was easier.
  2. Include navbars for categories within the wiki. Establish initial set of categories and subcategories and get those pages set up.
    • I will take a look at this one and see how it is done.
    • Simple enough… see [This Page] or just go to MediaWiki:Sidebar
      • Can we make this so its dynamically generated based on the wiki categories. Is that your plan?
        • Dynamic is not easy (if even possible), I think we will just have to add them as needed. Hopefully it will not be changing too often.
  3. Integrate login system with rest of site login system.
    • Definitely in your court. You might also look at the possibility of automatically populating the wiki’s user table when creating a new user. The wiki::mw_user table has a tinyblob, not sure exactly how they are using it, but definitely looks like more than just md5($password).
      • Ideally I would also figure out what cookie or whatver gets set for the wiki to know you are logged in so that once you are logged in on one part of the site you are logged in on another. Also if you change passwords it should change them both. Seems like it might be best to keep stuff in one table but it does look like it will require some significant hacking on my part.

Content Things:

  1. Have adequate instructions and help documents so users know how to use the site and how to edit the site.
    • Just need to be written
  2. Incorporate appropriate content from
      • Just point them out to me, and I’ll start in on copying them over.
        • Not sure whcih of these should be editable yet but these should all go up for sure.
            • I put a link to this one on the Starting a community page, with the five-star image for added emphasis. Because it is just a link, we don’t have to worry about the copyright issue or the editability issue.
          2. – This would be very good but its copyrighted (see bottom). Could contact CT and see what he thinks.
            • I put a link to this one on the Consensus page, with the five-star image for added emphasis
          3. — everything here except: In Community, Intentionally,”Cults” and Intentional Communities: Working Through Some Complicated Issues,Red Carpets and Slammed Doors: Visiting Community,An Introduction to the Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC) (I have newer versions of each of those from the latest directory I can give you). I’m specifically thinking the ones in part 2 could be use to populate . The rest could be put in various sections and I assume its easy to move them around or at least point them from one place to another.
            • These are added (as links) to the various pages. I did not copy over the content, so all copyrights are preserved, and the content cannot be edited by anyone.
          4. — pretty much everything here has some potential. I havent read throug it in ages so I cant say if there is lots of overlap or not with other articles in the 2000 edition. I’m not sure if its good form in a wiki to have two articles on essentially the same topic by two different people or whether its best for us to try to consolidate them into a single article.
            • Same as above – These are added (as links) to the various pages. I did not copy over the content, so all copyrights are preserved, and the content cannot be edited by anyone.
          5. — this one is currently linked from our home page so my predesscors at least thought it was a key article
            • A link is included at the top of the Community culture page with a five-stars image for added emphasis
          6. — same with this one.
            • A link is included at the top of the Community culture page with a five-stars image for added emphasis
          7. — this one is perfect for a wiki in that it is a list of resources that is ideal for being editable by the masses.
            • I copied over the content instead of just creating a link for this one – see Process consultants I changed the formatting a little to include the location in the index. That way, someone coming into the page can search by location to see who is closest to them rather than having to read the entire thing.

Policy Things:

  1. Seems like some articles FIC has written we don’t want to allow people to edit. Is this true? Yes Which ones? Your call How do we make this work?
    • The admin user ‘wiki’ can mark any page as read only – I changed the ‘About ICWiki’. Just go to the ‘protect’ tab (or ‘unprotect’ tab if already protected). This is an administrative privaledge only. Regular users cannot protect/unprotect anything.
  2. How do we indicate it on the site?
    • The wiki does it for us. A non-admin user can only ‘view code’ instead of ‘edit’ a protected page
  3. How do we still allow commentary on them but leave the original intact. Other articles are probably fine to put as starting points and then let people edit them as with any normal wiki page.
    • The ‘discussion’ pages (like this one) have seperate editing. Like this page, the page is protected, while the discussion is editable.
  4. What is our copyright policy?
  5. What is our goal/mission?
  6. How do we resolve disputes or deal with inappropriate content? Specifically I’m worried about people trashing one or more communities in a public forum.
    • Good question. Don’t know. I would imagine that inappropriate content is deleted/backed out (by an administrative group – or whoever find it). Admin will need to check the ‘recent changes’ pages every few days. Admin can then warn the user by email, and ban their IP in extreme cases.
  7. We’ll need something that makes it clear FIC is not responsible for all the opinions expressed.

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